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Your Summer Must-Haves


Your Summer Must-Haves


There is no need to deny it anymore, summer is finally here! Despite a few weather hiccups, we are now in the throws of 28-degree heatwaves.

Which means it’s time to stock up on this season’s must-have items, to cope with the heat and still look great.

Fruity fragrance sprays

What summer is complete without some fruity fragrances? Impulse may remind you of your life as a teenager, they used to be sold in a small silver can as part of a set or individuals.

However, they’ve had an incredibly grown-up make over. Impulse body sprays now come in a plastic tube in a range of scents including Tropical Beach – a favourite of mine.

These are perfect to chuck in your bag for a spritz on the go or to sit in your bathroom and spray first thing in the morning.

Avaliable at Boots from £5.99



The F.A.B shaver

Shaving always seems to be the bane of our lives. Summer doesn’t make it easier.

The constant desire to have our legs out brings with it the frustration of having to shave every day.

Luckily this F.A.B shaver has made it slightly easier.

Never before have I shaved forwards and backwards. Often things like this seem gimmicky and unlikely to work, this is not the case for this razor.

It’s easy to use and does make shaving a breeze.

Available at Boots from £12



Waver wand of dreams

Nothing says summer quite like having wavy-just-stepped-off-the-beach hair.

While I hate standing in front of the mirror with a hot curling wand or straighteners, I will make an exception for this waver.

Mainly because it’s so quick to use I can wave my hair in under 5 minutes.

RRP £70

B.O. Be gone

It’s not the nicest thing about summer but is something we all have to deal with. BO isn’t nice, isn’t enjoyable, but is something which can be avoided.

Sure always seems to be my go-to. Whether it’s because I’ve used it since I was a teenager or it’s usually on offer, it always creeps into my bathroom cupboard.

Sure have developed a great range of invisible deodorants, so even if you don’t want to wear black in this heat, you have the option.

Avaliable at Boots from £2.65


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