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You should go on a date! Or two…


You should go on a date! Or two…


From the moment we could talk, before we cared about being swept off our feet by ‘the one’, Disney princesses have shown us that to get the man of our dreams we have to kiss a few frogs. Seems simple enough, right? So why do we so often ridicule each other for doing just that? In order to find your person, it is necessary to kiss a few frogs, how else would you know what you want from a partner and perhaps more importantly, what you DON’T want?

It’s really easy to list the qualities and features that are desired in a partner, but until there are enough lived experiences under your belt, it’s pretty difficult to know what you will not tolerate. This is why I say dating a lot in your 20s is a good thing! I’m not advising you to hump everything that looks your way… However, going on one or two dates per month can not only further your chances of meeting your match but also teaches you about the red flags and warning signs.

“Youre insane, it’s not normal to date that often”.  Well contrary to the hype of social media, it actually isn’t that crazy. I mean let’s do the maths shall we, 2 dates per month times 12 equals 24 dates. So, you’re only meeting 24 people per year compared to the thousands of other people you interact with. Thankfully, as a generation, we have become a little more accepting of others, so if you’re worried that society is going to look down on you – I advise changing your mindset.

If youre still not convinced, here are 3 quality reasons for dating often:

  1. You will know what you DON’T want

Yes, Ive said this numerous time, but its true. You need to figure out what you dont like!

  1. Each relationship creates new experiences

If anything, you can always have a laugh with your friends whilst sharing the goss of your latest dates. I know I do… go have fun.

  1. It will make you a better person

 Yep! Going on dates and meeting various characters definitely improves you as a human being. This is because you become more adaptable, flexible, adventurous etc.

There you have it! Go out and kiss a few frogs – your prince charming might be one of them.

Words :  Sarah Solomon

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