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YESLA unleashes ‘If You Dare’ ft. ‘If You Dare’


YESLA unleashes ‘If You Dare’ ft. ‘If You Dare’

Los Angeles based icon YESLA reveals her strongest single to date, ‘If You Dare’. Influenced by the dramatic vision that alternative rock legends such as Jack White, The Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age bring to the table, YESLA is a serious contender in the world of alternative rock. Receiving love from Spotify editorials ‘New Music Friday, Rock This, Alt Now, Ultimate Rock Gaming & The Locker, YESLA has over 50,000 streams on Spotify across 3 previous singles. Promising to bring the noise and her own unique songwriting to the table, ‘If You Dare’ was made in the comfort of YESLA’s home studio in Burbank, CA with her close friend and producer JHNY WZDM. 

Sharing her thoughts on the latest anthem YESLA states, “If You Dare is the misfit anthem. A battle cry of the wallflower. This is for the person who is constantly held back by a pressure to fit a societal “Norm”. For as long as I can remember, people have wanted me to be something I’m not or would burden me with ideas of who they think I should be. I wrote this song as an ode to finally realizing my full potential, getting out of my own way & owning my authentic self.”

“If You Dare” comes across as sleazy and fierce – everything you’d expect from this powerful artist. Accompanied with a PJ Harvey style production, the grit-filled contender will instantly leave your feet tapping and head bopping along to its addictive rhythm. Speaking about working with JHNY, YESLA shares, We wanted to create a song that was about breaking out of your shell & just becoming who you are meant to be. We first recorded the drums & bass live, then added electric guitars & topped it off with juicy vocals.”

Having attended one of the world’s leading music institutions, YESLA studied music at Berklee College of Music. Always hoping to be a beacon of light within the hectic industry, this songwriter constantly hopes to be a strong representative of what a modern woman looks, talks, acts and feels like.

“It is time for women to be able to appear strong & sexy, no matter what shape that comes in”

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