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Yasmin Lashes Reviewed


Yasmin Lashes Reviewed

fullsizerenderI have always had pretty decent natural lashes – long but lacked in thickness so I started wearing individual lashes about a year ago. After wearing them constantly for 6 months, I notice my natural lashes had practically disappeared, so I reverted back to wearing just mascara for the last 6 months. Now my lashes have returned to their natural form being long, but thin, so when the opportunity arose for me to get my lashes done again came up, I took it. A one off can’t hurt them too much, can it? Plus I did have a very busy weekend of awards – which warrants a good set of lashes right!? haha. I came back from Thailand a few weeks ago, but already my tan was fading so the idea of having a spay tan to get that just-off-the-beach look again – was also a yes please!


I arrived at Reveal Salon having walked a few minutes from Farringdon station. The location for the salon is brilliant.


The thing about going to the salon for any sort of beauty treatment is that the trip is more than just leaving there with your hair/nails etc. done, it is also about the therapy session that happens between the beautician and her clients… I know I am not the only one who treats my beautician like my diary! (Please say I am not!) And although I’ve never met her before, we clicked straight way.


(Left, after @YasminLashes treatment. Right, natural lashes)

My lashes looked full and natural, they were perfect! They lasted 2 and a half weeks and then were due an infill. They didn’t damage my natural lashes either.

My spray tan only took 10-12minutes to do. I left it on overnight to ensure I got a really nice deep tan. Yasmin used @cocoabrowntan and the tan lasted over 9days and gave me a natural glow. I have always shyed away from fake tan, I really can’t stand the idea of orange legs, but the tone of @cocoabrowntan is a brown shade as opposed to yellow. I looked glowing! Yasmin also uses the brand of Skinny Tan which won Dragon’s Den a few years ago, so it is up to you what you prefer to use.


We highly recommend @yasminlashes @ the Reveal Salon in Farringdon and if you quote ‘AMOR’ you’ll get £20 off – thank us later!

Go check her out Amorelles. x

Words : @TheRubyMaeMoore

Full set of Eyelashes: £90 (quote ‘AMOR’ for a £20 discount)

Full body Tan: £30

 Twitter | | [email protected] | +447756194018

Reveal Salon
10 Eagle Court

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