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Woman Crush Wednesday : journalist Amelia Dimoldenberg from Chicken Shop Date

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Woman Crush Wednesday : journalist Amelia Dimoldenberg from Chicken Shop Date

Amelia from ‘Chicken Shop Date’ is this week’s Amor’s WCW!

Amelia Dimoldenberg is a pretty phenomenal young woman. She began her rise to fame back in December 2014, when she was awarded Student Broadcast Journalist of the Year in the Guardian Student Media Awards for her unique yet hilarious YouTube channel, ‘Chicken Shop Date’.

Amelia’s YouTube channel, ‘Chicken Shop Date,’ sprung to life back in 2011. As a fashion journalism student at Central St. Martins, getting into presenting and broadcasting wasn’t initially on the cards for Amelia. She first began sharing her dry humour as a column in a student magazine, titled: ‘Chicken Shop Date’; the idea was simple, unique but brilliant! All she had to do was take unsigned, up-and-coming Grime artists to her local chicken shop and interview them in a totally deadpan style that many viewers found utterly hysterical – despite the fact they were only reading her words!

It took 17-year-old Amelia three years of writing for the student mag before she decided to take the leap and head over to YouTube, creating her ‘Chicken Shop Date’ channel. Having already built up a relatively loyal fan base through her column, it didn’t take her long to build a substantial amount of subscribers and YouTube views. Let’s not forget that whilst all of this was going on, Amelia was still studying her fashion journalism degree alongside becoming a YouTube sensation; ultimately it did leave her wondering if her degree was even worth it.

It didn’t take long for ‘Chicken Shop Date’ to begin opening doors to so many incredible opportunities. Recently, she interviewed stars on the red carpet for NHS’s give blood campaign at the MOBO Awards – the footage is side-splitting! If you missed it, we suggest go giving Amelia a watch as she flirts and cleverly disarms the musical guests’ media trained front, you won’t be disappointed.

Only a few years ago, Amelia interviewed unsigned artists that no one had heard of, now she interviews some of the hottest artists on the scene, including the likes of Not3s, Dave and Krept & Konan. There seems to be no end to Amelia’s current success, with her career just going from strength to strength.

If there’s one thing we can take away from Amelia’s journey, it’s that you should never be afraid to change your mind. Yes, Amelia studied fashion journalism, but now she’s made something she did as a fun hobby on the side, into something which is tangible and getting the recognition it rightly deserves. We look forward to seeing Amelia’s witty presenting style take over our TV screens as her career continues to prosper.

Words : Florence Grace

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