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Woman Crush Wednesday – Emily Skye


Woman Crush Wednesday – Emily Skye


Emily Skye is best known as the Aussie health and fitness mogul, who has created an empire on her influential at home workouts, via her app ‘Emily Skye Fit’. Her Instagram account usually comprises of various inspo shots of her unbelievably toned physique and workout goals, but since becoming pregnant her ‘realness’ about the changes in her body have been well documented.

She has always advocated a very truthful approach to what she shares on social media, and despite working hard for her gym honed figure, she captions her images with inspirational and importantly, very real truths about her life. This only became more prevalent throughout her pregnancy, and very recently; her post baby life.

She penned a caption on a seemingly idyllic photo of her and her new born daughter, explaining that she has been suffering ‘badly’ from the ‘baby blues’ since giving birth. This is so important for many new mums, and for people generally, to realise that not being OK, is OK. For such a high-profile figure, who has built a platform on strength, allowing herself to be vulnerable for the world to see, bringing such a sense of normality to a condition that many new mums face. The idea that you can suffer from mental illness at any age, any time and triggered by many circumstance of your life, is such an important message, and that discussing these feelings is the first step towards managing them. You can be both powerful and exposed, there is no definitive one or the other; we are all human.

In the age of perfection being heavily streamed on social media, Emily is a refreshing source of realness, not only did she discuss this important issue, but she has been very candid with talking about and showing her post baby body. Unlike other high profile figures such as Cheryl Cole, and Kim Kardashian West, (who chose to hide themselves away until they had reached their pre-pregnancy ‘flawlessness’), Emily has been very upfront and honest.

This is why Emily is our WCW, she is not only a powerful business woman, but she is an inspiration to ladies worldwide, who will relate to her honesty and candour about such a beautiful, yet life changing time in their lives.

Words : Lauren Wigley

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