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Why Vanessa Hudgens is Queen of Boho


Why Vanessa Hudgens is Queen of Boho


Vanessa Hudgens, as she has matured from her days of High School Musical, has developed a bohemian style which is appreciated by the vast majority of the young generations. Colourful patterns and retro-styled garments are what she’s seen wearing a lot of the time and manages to add her own personal flair to any outfit. For this reason she’s one of Boho’s biggest style icons.

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This green embellished kimono paired with a black dress with floor-length, transparent netting creates a very layered look which is really bohemian. The tassels and embellishments on the kimono add some glamour to it, while still keeping a casual element to the outfit as the colours are quite muted, but the detail are the main aspects of the pieces.

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Crochet tops are really on trend right now, especially with festival season encroaching upon us. Wearing this cute, long-sleeved crochet top with a floral print maxi skirt gives a light, airy look which contrasts to the tight fitted crochet. The light brown boots are are one of Vanessa’s signature styles and wearing them with a skirt makes the look more day-to-day.

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Floral flares and a white, long sleeved crop top is a very 70s look which is appearing in trends at the moment. This look is very light and summery, with flared trousers to give a petal-like look to emulate the flowers printed on them. Big statement earrings look great with her hair casually tied up as she looks so effortlessly beautiful and bohemian.

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(Our fashion editor’s favourite outfit)

This festival-style outfit is all about the colour. This long, colourful dress is laden with bright embellishments and bold use of colour. She really stands out in this which defiantly put her in the spright for the Coachella festival in 2014.

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This final look is also from a festival. This beautiful romper has unique patterns on it with bright colours to match the atmosphere of the summer and festival. The wide-brimmed hat adds interest as an accessory and the fan gives it that edge. She also wears lots of jewellery and never has her hands bare as displayed here. Large bracelets with lots of gems are totally her look and add to the gorgeous outfits she puts together.


Words: Chloe Granger

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