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Why going on a Safari is the holiday of a lifetime


Why going on a Safari is the holiday of a lifetime

When it comes to bucket list holidaysthere can be none as highly coveted as going on safari. Indeed, safari holidays are perhaps some of the most exotic and incredible experiences you will ever have and are something everyone should experience at least once.

But besides the usual guff about the majesty of natureand, of course, the bragging rights, why should you be putting a safari holiday in South Africa (for the lions), Borneo (for the orang-utans), Costa Rica (for the sloths) or even the Amazon (for everything else) be top of your list for next years big summer vacation? Allow us to elaborate.

Freedom – Hitting up your local safari park or zoo might be a fun way to get a taste of these stunning creatures, but there is simply nothing like seeing them wild and free in their own environment. Trust us, once youve seen them in the wild, youll never want to visit another zoo.

Education – A typical zookeeper might know a little about the animals they are looking after, but if you travel to the source and get to know the people who have lived with these creatures their entire lives, youll learn more about them then you ever thought possible. Youll notice a passion and warmth emanating your safari guides that can prove quite intoxicating.

Conservation – Of the money you spend for the privilege of experiencing these wonderful animals, a surprisingly large percentage will go towards the conservation costs – funding anti-poaching initiatives, helping towards park maintenance and helping keep the animals healthy and breeding regularly.

FriendshipsGoing on safari is often an experience that lasts multiple days and in that time, youll get to meet a lot of new people from different walks of life. One thing you will all share, however, is a love of animals and thats something that will no doubt bond you for life as you share tales of your adventures huddled around a campfire after a days adventuring.

Photography – I know we promised there was going to be no majesty of naturetalk here, but for budding photographers, there are few experiences more fitting for expanding their portfolios than a safari. Besides the obvious Instagram worth of capturing a wild elephant or tiger, youll also find yourself dazzled by the landscapes and scenery.

Relaxation – You might very well assume that a safer would be all stations goat all times, but it is actually a surprisingly chilled affair for many. When youre not actually out on safari, youll find yourself with plenty of free time in the lodge and evenings toenjoy the local cuisine and catch some of the stunning scenery by moonlight.

Wherever you experience your safari, whether its in India, South Africa, Brazil or Australia, its unlikely you will ever again wish to settle for a typical all-inclusive package holiday. It will open upa whole new world for you and give you an experience you will carry with you for the rest of your days.

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