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‘Walk Quiet, Run Quick’ by Jacqueline Francis


‘Walk Quiet, Run Quick’ by Jacqueline Francis


I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Jacqueline Francis’ debut novel ‘Walk Quiet, Run Quick’ which will be available for general release on 30th June from all major book stores and online. (Pre-orders can be made here.)

The novel explores themes such as domestic abuse, lack of self confidence, insecurity, shame, rejection, resilience, determination and freedom. The book follows the life of Valencia whose existence takes a turn for the worst, after splitting with her long term boyfriend Liam and meeting someone new.

Jacqueline’s ability to write her thought provoking ideas with graphic accounts, makes the reader feel they are witness to the enfolding of the sinister chain of events that Valencia goes through, and if that wasn’t enough for one book, the story then takes the reader on a journey of domestic abuse. Many times I found myself shouting at the pages, telling Valencia where she was going wrong, I couldn’t put the novel down!

#mylifematters – no one deserves to be in an unhealthy relationship, which is the message that Jacqueline wants to promote through ‘Walk Quiet, Run Quick’ and I think she has done exactly that, as well as highlighting the telling signs of what will develop into a domestic violent relationship.

Go grab your copies ladies!

Words : @TheRubyMaeMoore


From the outside looking in Valencia’s life looks perfect; she has a great job, lives in a posh part of West London and has the love of her long-term boyfriend, Liam.
But looks can be deceiving. Beneath the surface, her insecurities begin to eat away at her. Does Liam really love her enough? The relationship is hanging by a thread.
As the cracks begin to show, she finds herself drawn to a serial entrepreneur, who is charming as well as handsome who steals her attention and showers her with the affection she is looking for.

But to her cost, her dream turns into a nightmare. She finds herself a prisoner in her own home; physically and emotionally abused.
Can she find the strength to escape or will her gilded cage be her reality?

Twitter: @jackyfrancis & Instagram: @jacquelinefrancis17

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