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Using power statements to your advantage


Using power statements to your advantage


Our words impact our behaviour so eradicate words such as should from your language. Statements like: “I should learn that language” or “I should join the gym” are non-committal. Instead use power statements to achieve your goals.

Here is my list of four types of women and the should statements they use and how they can turn them into power statements:

  1. Ms. Procrastinator: She knows what she should be doing but finds herself doing something else. Living in the land of “should” but never getting anything done. If she is stalling on her goals, she needs to make a change from saying “I should get a new job” to “I am going to get a new job” and then commit to actually getting it done.
  2. Ms. Negative: Feeling sorry for herself and acting as if the world owes her the opportunity to make her life better. She makes statements like “I should have been the one promoted”. Her limiting beliefs attract more negativity into her life, Ms. Negative needs to start saying “I can get that promotion”, this language creates the possibility of getting what you want and attracting the good rather than the bad.
  3. Ms. LALA Land: She lives in a world completely separate from reality, “I should have made my first million by now”. This woman lives her life on the concept of wishful thinking without actually putting in any of the work to make it happen. Whilst she is wishfully thinking, the real world is happening to her and she is too busy waiting for the perfect set of circumstances to come together before she takes action. Ms. LALA Land can move closer to her goals using language such as “I will start that business” and taking action. 
  1. Blame: She doesn’t take any responsibility for where she is in her life right now. In blaming others, she is effectively controlled by what others do and say and so she is always at their mercy. If she stopped blaming others for where she is and start saying “I am going to take that opportunity “, this could keep her in the present moment and allows her to define who she is and what she wants, in order to be moving forward.

Replace your “should” statements with power statements today!

Words : Jennifer Phillips, Life Coach

Jennifer Phillips is a life coach who has created a platform called ‘I Am Empress’ to empower women to build their lives with authenticity. Jennifer will be regularly bringing content to Amor to encourage our readers to do exactly that! If you think you would benefit from a conversation with Jen, her email is: [email protected]Instagram

Check out her video below:


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