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Tried & Tested: ThérapieSmile – A Review


Tried & Tested: ThérapieSmile – A Review

Thérapie Clinic, the fastest growing Aesthetic Medical Clinic in Europe which has just launched ThérapieSmile, the future of teeth straightening.


I had the privilege of trying c for myself to see what all the fuss was about, and wow – was it just the most amazing decision I ever made.


Growing up, my teeth were always a big insecurity of mine, however, they were never ‘bad’ enough to be granted braces as a child. As my teeth only ever had small gaps, I never saw the point in spending thousands and thousands of pounds on braces.


That was until I found ThérapieSmile, Thérapie create clear braces for prices starting at less than £1,000 (which in braces terms) is an extremely good deal! With such a small price tag, a part of me was very sceptical of the legitimacy of this company so I did a little digging. I was pleasantly surprised to see all of their incredible reviews and recommendations – so I went ahead with the process.


ThérapieSmile works on most people and given the times, it’s Covid safe as consultations are done virtually with amazing results.


How ThérapieSmile works…

You’ll undertake a free video consultation with one of their expert dentists online and then your assigned ThérapieSmile dentist will assess your smile and specific needs to help prepare a unique Treatment Plan.


First, they need to get dental impressions of your teeth. You have 2 options to do this:
Option 1 – book a 3D scan at one of their clinics or book an online video consultation.
Option 2 – purchase your Home Impression Kit and take quick and easy impressions of your teeth at home.


I chose option 2 due to covid regulations and lockdowns. With this option, ThérapieSmile send out an Impression Kit* to allow you to make dental moulds to begin the process. Once you send back your impressions, your assigned ThérapieSmile dentist will create your custom-made clear braces and prepare a Treatment Plan based on your unique needs.


*To do the home impression kit, a small fee of £20 applies.


Having done the home impression kit, setting it up is pretty self-explanatory, however, I would recommend seriously biting down on the mould to ensure that the dentist can see your gum line as well as your actual teeth and the impression is not too shallow.


Lastly, they send you out your clear braces, along with your online personalised 3D treatment plan. ThérapieSmile will deliver your custom-made Clear Braces Kit, crafted specifically by their dental team to gently ease teeth into super-straight alignment over the course of the treatment using different clear braces at specific stages.


The process

So, once I had received my aligners, I began the process. I had been informed that due to the small movements needed for my teeth, I would be on a premium plan and would need to change my aligners after 7 days and 7 nights.


With all aligners and all plans, you are required to wear them for a minimum of 22 hours per day and you’re not to eat with them in or drink any fizzy/hot drinks. Only drinking.  water with them in is recommended by the company.

I would love to lie to you all and say it was completely painless and like I wasn’t wearing anything. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The first few days I really struggled getting used to it. I had never had braces before and wasn’t prepared for the ache that it causes on your teeth.


After 3-4 days of having my first aligner, the pain began to subside, and I found it easier taking my aligner out to eat and brush my teeth. I would, however, seriously recommend using a product called Orajel, I will link it here. The gel can be purchased from the chemist, and you simply rub it along your gums and/or teeth – wherever is causing you the most pain. It numbs the area for around 15/20 minutes and eases any discomfort.

As I moved up the weeks, I found the discomfort of changing each aligner lasting less and less time, even by week 3 it only lasted a day.


My progress

I will show you some pictures how that I documented from each week: