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Treating Thread Veins and Rosacea with IPL


Treating Thread Veins and Rosacea with IPL

These days, skin concerns that people are looking to fix go far beyond wrinkles or acne. As procedures improve, both men and women are increasingly looking for solutions to skin issues such as thread veins and rosacea. Affecting millions of people around the world, these common complaints can now easily be dealt with by visiting a clinic, with a wide range of places equipped to treat both spider veins and rosacea. Skin experts, like the team at The Laser Treatment Clinic on Harley Street London, can now easily treat both rosacea and thread veins with great success, using the latest tools and methods.

Vein threads rosacea

Thread Veins

Threads veins on the face – medically known as telangiectasia – are superficial broken veins, although many people find their red and purple-hued appearance unsightly. Thread veins occur as the result of either damage to the sensitive facial veins or due to their overdilation. When veins on the face become enlarged, they are easily visible through the thin skin present here, creating an easily recognisable spiderweb-like pattern, hence their name.



This chronic, inflammatory condition is one that is poorly understood despite its common occurrence, affecting over 45 million people all over the world. One of the main signs and symptoms of rosacea is the formation of thread veins, which is why in most cases people are often looking to treat both facial thread veins and rosacea. IPL can be used to deal with the redness and flushed look that the facial area often takes on in those suffering with rosacea.


Treating Thread Veins and Rosacea

The most efficient way to treat both facial thread veins and rosacea is through the use of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) as this has minimal risk and a short downtime associated with it. IPL works on thread veins and rosacea by targeting the veins themselves. The controlled light emitted haemoglobin in the blood causes the blood in thread veins to coagulate. This leads to the veins themselves eventually breaking up, and being cleared away naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. This not only gets rid of the thread veins themselves but also eliminates the redness associated with rosacea.

As we have already mentioned, IPL has a very short downtime with most patients reporting nothing more than a tingling sensation during the treatment itself, which then quickly subsides once the session is finished. This minor discomfort is one that many are willing to endure thanks to the positive results they see from IPL. An added bonuses of using IPL to treat your thread veins and rosacea is that they work well to combat another of other cosmetic skin concerns too.

From acne scarring to uneven skin colour and sun damage, IPL can improve the condition of your skin, beyond treating thread veins and rosacea. With multiple treatments, the skin tone will become more even and the redness associated with both thread veins and rosacea will be significantly improved. In fact, multiple studies have proven just how successfully IPL can treat these issues. One study found that after a number of sessions, 83% of participants showed reduced redness, while 75% had visible improvement in their skin texture.

Another study on the effectiveness of IPL for treating rosacea and thread veins reported a 39% reduction in redness on the cheeks and a 22% reduction in redness on the chin area.




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