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Top tips for creating your dream foodie kitchen

foodies kitchen

Foodies Corner

Top tips for creating your dream foodie kitchen

Foodie’s Kitchen : Catalysed at least in part by the boom in the food-focused shows gracing our televisions and the personalities that have emerged as a result, more of us than ever before now classify ourselves as ‘foodies’ and that’s no bad thing. A foodie isn’t content to simply bung a ‘ready meal’ in the microwave or stop off at McDonald’s on the way home from work; a foodie genuinely cares about the food they create and consume. As such, foodies demand that much more from their kitchens. However, it doesn’t need to be particularly difficult or expensive to create your dream foodie kitchen. All you need to do is figure out what kind of foodie (and what kind of cook) you are and build your kitchen in response.


Food first

The most obvious question to ask yourself is – “what kind of food will I be cooking in my kitchen? It’s this question that should first inform the kind of kitchen you decide to design. If you cook with a lot of vegetables and make a lot of ‘big pot’ meals, for example, you’re going to require a decent preparation space made from a reliable and durable material like quartz or granite. The best prep spaces are self-contained areas, so you might want to consider investing in a kitchen island to build your kitchen around that is accessible from all angles. If you’re really into your meats, meanwhile, and inexpensive accessory such as a dedicated butcher’s block could be a solid investment. This will make sure that your meat prep is completely separate, avoiding potential contamination as a result.


Thematic considerations

Planning out a dedicated foodie’s kitchen theme before designing is a great way to help foodies find the right accessories and the right ‘tone’ for their kitchens. If you want clean, focused design with a modern slant then stone and marble tabletops and backsplashes are a popular choice. If  you want something more rustic, meanwhile, wood is always a popular option and will make your kitchen appear that much more lived-in. Spices also play a key role in the lives of many foodies, so you might want to consider your very own indoor herb garden. These can be mounted on the walls to create a pleasing “bringing the outdoors in” vibe.


Baker’s delight

If you’re as obsessed with the Great British Bake-off as the rest of the world and love to spend your free time perfecting your bake, a classic English country kitchen would be an ideal fit for you. For such a kitchen, a bespoke company such as Cotswold Co Country Interiors would be perfectly placed to help you find your voice when it comes to creating the perfect country kitchen. Note, however, that if you’re going to get serious about baking then you’re going to need a decent-sized oven – perhaps a double oven with one side for baking and the other for traditional cooking. Double ovens also have the benefit of being able to be stacked vertically or horizontally depending on the manufacturer and model, so there is plenty of scope for versatility. In any case, for a baker, the oven will form the focal point of your kitchen, so you’ll want to start with the oven and design your foodie’s kitchen around it.

(Display pic : Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels)

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