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Top 5 Tips For Healthy Nails


Top 5 Tips For Healthy Nails

Short nails are becoming a new trend, especially in 2021! It’s out with the long, fake nails and in with the shorter, healthier natural nails. Here are 5 tips to help you grow your nails to be strong and sturdy this year!


  1. Drink lots of water!

It sounds cliché but drinking lots of water works wonders for the growth of your nails! Not drinking enough water can leave your nails feeling fragile, brittle, and weak. Water allows your body to be completely hydrated and nourished to encourage the growth of strong and healthy nails.


     2. Moisturise, Moisurise, Moisturise

Moisturising both your hands and nails is essential for maintaining healthy nails. Moisturiser not only keeps your skin healthy but also can keep your nails hydrated. Moisturising your hands after washing them will restore the moisture back in after washing.


     3. Invest in a manicure every so often

By getting your nails done professionally every once in a while can improve their health. Not only is it a lovely treat and relaxing, but a nail technician will also use professional products and is trained on nail health. The nail technician will apply a strengthening base goal to prevent the nails from peeling or becoming weak by using polish too often.


     4. Use the proper tools

Using the correct tools to cut/shape/grow your nails so that they become strong and healthy. Investing in a glass nail file will reduce breakages on the edges, they’re easier to clean and last longer. You’ll also get smoother edges and you can control your desired shape. AVOID BITING THEM AT ALL COSTS!


     5. Leave your cuticles alone

As tempting as it may be, it’s important to remember that your cuticles aren’t the enemies. Rather they act as a protective seal for your nails. Resist the urge to cut, push back, or remove your cuticles as once they’re tampered with, it can affect the way the nail grows out, leaving them susceptible to potential infections.


I hope this has helped, try practising growing strong and healthy nails this year!

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