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Top 15 Beach Essentials


Top 15 Beach Essentials


With the Summer being absolutely glorious over the last few weeks in our London city, you may want to take a trip to the coast to enjoy some sand between your toes, the sound of the waves and the cool sea breeze!

If so, we’ve put together the perfect beach essentials guide for you to make the most of your day to the coast.

Although most Londoners seem to go to either Margate or Brighton as a “quick” coastal get-away, we recommend going to check out Ramsgate, which is a nicer beach and a lot quieter – thank us later!

1. Swimsuit
We are loving these two swimsuits available from Tobi. We think a bikini is so overrated! How about taking it back to basics with a plain white or black swimsuit? These two are our faves!

2. Cap
This pale pink cap is perfect for those sunny days as it looks cute and will keep the sun out of your eyes. Match this with either a black or white swimsuit and you are good to go! Available from Tobi, £4 here.

3. Havaianas

A pair of flip-flops are a must-have for any beach visits. The convenience of being able to slip on and off makes these so suitable for the beach. And Havaianas come in loads of different colours, and are real sturdy! Available from Havaianas, prices vary, here.

4. Spare underwear

You will never be so grateful for a dry set of underwear until you are going home in a wet swimsuit underneath your clothes. THIS IS A MUST-HAVE.

5. Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is probably the most convenient item to wear to the beach as you can just throw it over your head. Denim is also very popular this Summer, so this is right on trend. Available from Pretty Little Thing, £22, Here.

6. Available for Weekends duffle bag

This bag is so cool! You’ll need a big bag to carry all your bits in, plus we love a good slogan! Available from Tobi, £60,  here.

7. Watermelon Beach Towel

How about jazzing up the towel you sit on? This is pretty cool. Available from Tobi, £21, here.

8. Beach Ball
Teaming your watermelon beach towel with this beach ball will have your whole look in sync! Available from Tobi, £16, here.

We obviously have a clear obsession with watermelons this summer, but if watermelons aren’t your thing, you may want a glitter beach ball instead. This is so cute! Available from Prezzy Box, £14.99 here.

9. Swan Float
This rose-gold swan float is everything! Perfect for lounging in the sea and using it as a prop for those Instagram-worthy pics. Available from Tobi, £76 here.

10. Pack of cards
If you are more of the chilled-beach-visitor you may want to play a game of cards with your mates. Available from The Works, £1.99. here.
11. Book – Amor’s 30 Under 30
Again, if you are a member of the chilled-beach-visitor club but want some alone time, how about picking up a book? The Amor’s 30 Under 30 book is a quick read, you could easily finish the book in one afternoon, plus we guarantee you’ll be leaving the beach feeling motivated and inspired by all the girl bosses featured! Available from Amor, £4.99, here.
12. Badminton Set
A game of badminton at the beach is a great way to keep fit and join in on a Summer activity. A perfect game for you and your partner or you and your bestie! Badminton sets available from Decathlon, £7.99, here.

13. Icebox Cooler
A cooler is a really good idea. It will keep you drinks and fruits fresh, who wants a warm water? No one!
Available from Wilko, £14, here.
14. ESSENTIAL Ambre Solaire Sun Cream Spray
If there is anything you forget on this list, it better not be sun cream. We really believe in the importance of preserving and protecting our skin at Amor. Having an SPF doesn’t mean you won’t tan, it just means the skin is protected, so you really aren’t losing a thing from applying it. Most sun creams seem to be so heavy and greasy on the skin, this is the total opposite – light and non-greasy!
Available from Boots, £7, here.
15. ESSENTIAL Ray-Ban sun glasses
A pair of sun glasses is essential, but a pair of Ray-Bans are even better. We predict Ray-Bans being fashionable for years to come, a true staple piece for your Summer wardrobe. Available from Ray-Ban, starting from £160, here.

And if the beach is out of reach for you, these essentials are perfect for a trip to the park also! (Excluding the rose-gold swan float… obviously.)

Words : @TheRubyMaeMoore

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