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Titanic The Musical – Theatre Review

Titanic The Musical Perform in Southampton


Titanic The Musical – Theatre Review


This year marked 106 years since The Titanic set sail from Southampton, and to commemorate this great tragedy, I went to watch Titanic: The Musical at Southampton’s very own Mayflower Theatre.

As I made my way to my seat I could see a man sat at a desk working under a dimly lit stage, this man – I’d later come to realise – is the architect of the ship.

The play opened without any warning, the lights came up and we saw the stage filled with people shouting at a man before walking up to the bridge of the boat and the first song began.

While this was a musical, it was not an all singing all dancing affair. There was a good balance between song and spoken word which is ideal for theatre novices like me.

The songs, however, were sung beautifully, a stand out for me was Victoria Serra who played Kate McGowan a young Irish girl who’d left home pregnant searching for a new life and father for her baby.

Photos from Mayflower Theatre

Another standout was Simon Green who portrayed J Bruce Ismay, the ship’s owner, he had the audience riled with anger as he kept ordering the ship’s captain to go faster despite warnings not to do it by the architect and captain.

Every actor in this production embraced their roles bringing the stories of those on board the ship to life.

Due to the nature of the show, I did at points find myself watching and wondering when it was going to happen, when was the ship going to crash. The suspense was built brilliantly and by the interval, I found myself worrying over who will survive.

The ending for me was the most emotional part. Just before the final song, a sheet came down which displayed the names of all 1,503 people who died on board.

From start to finish this production was brilliant, with a minimalist stage, effective lighting and a great cast singing wonderful written songs.

Titanic The Music is on at the Mayflower Theatre until Saturday 21st April, you can buy tickets online or phone the box office on 02380 711811

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