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Tips for choosing the perfect wig


Tips for choosing the perfect wig

Wigs are essential for the majority of us with busy lifestyles or who just like to not have to do much to our natural hair on a daily basis. Having a wig that a. you are comfortable with and b. won’t run the bank may be some of the struggles us wig lovers may be finding. Below are a couple of tips to consider before purchasing a wig which may make that choice a little more easier for you.

Fake it till you make it 

It’s not true that all synthetic wigs looks stiff, don’t last or look shiny it’s really all on how you maintain the wig. A little like a pair of shoes from Primark obviously we know that a pair of shoes from Office is a lot more better quality however just doing the extra bits of care can ensure that the budget friendly pair last a little longer. Now me on the other hand, I like to ball on a budget so I enjoy buying my synthetic wigs! The main thing I would say is to just not sleep with it on and every morning run your finger through the hair with water to freshen it up.

On the other hand of course a human hair wig is going to last longer due to the high grade, so when choosing a style bearing in mind that you may be breaking the bank a little, make sure it’s a style that suits your face shape as well as your everyday lifestyle which I will get onto shortly.

Fitting for the lifestyle

What I mean by this is if you know you are someone who is super busy, maybe you have a few children and you have a super busy life in the week, then finding something that will compliment your lifestyle will be essential. You will not want something that is going to take half an hour to maintain on Monday morning when you know you need to do another 3 things within half an hour before heading to work. For me I just pop on my big curly wig in the mornings as I enjoy my sleep and love to make a big breakfast before heading to work. More on the fact that I don’t think straight hair really suits me but I just find that it’s more maintenance then curly weave.

Quality is everything 

Now being a little hypocritical to what I have previously said about synthetic hair, human hair does last longer of course but quality is always pricey. If you know you want something that is going to last you a while and you don’t have to think about another hairstyle in the near future then pick a suitable human wig carefully bearing in mind the above tips.

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