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The Young Guy Almost Got Me

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The Young Guy Almost Got Me

The Young Guy Almost Got Me 


A twenty-one year old has my phone number. How did that happen you ask? New York, that’s how. You add a single girl + bingo at a bar with cheap drinks + a handsome guy who talks fast and you get this girl who assumes we attended high school at the same time. In my defence, I didn’t know he was twenty one when I gave him my number. I figured he was at least twenty five. He didn’t look or act like an annoying and entitled typical twenty one year old New Yorker!


How did I find out?


He happened to live in the same neighbourhood as a classmate that I was meeting up with after bingo. Her and I planned to do an all-nighter for a paper that was due. I was at the bar chatting and drinking with him killing time until she said she was heading home. After our train ride filled with conversations about Drake and working out, we discovered we were getting off at the same stop. He offered to walk me to her place since it wasn’t a short distance from the station, but only if we could stop at his house so he could grab a heavier coat. I had my pepper spray, taser and go running shoes so I figured why not. Also this wasn’t the first time I had been around him and talked to him. That’s when I saw it: his high school diploma on the wall that read: Class of 2012. Sigh. I hightailed it out of there, caught a cab that was passing by and laughed at myself for having spent time with a guy who just started drinking legally. Next time I am asking for ID before my digits enter their phone. Lesson learned.

Written by: Nikita Brown

Edited By: Paige Russell 

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