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The woman behind Sophie Victoria Webb


The woman behind Sophie Victoria Webb

Sophie Victoria Webb the woman behind the fashion label, which is named after herself, is a 26-year-old London-born girlboss.

Having launched her fashion label in 2017, the brand is less than a year old and has already been featured in leading magazines such as Glamour and Vogue Magazine, with fashion icon such as model Chloe Lloyd being seen in some of the SVW staple pieces.

A fashion label is something Sophie has always wanted to do, mainly because she felt what she wanted, wasn’t out there. Sophie identified a gap in the market, she aimed to create a label that offered luxurious, timeless womenswear at affordable prices, and we at Amor think Sophie Victoria Webb is exactly that.

When speaking about her competition Sophie commented:

“A lot of brands ignore the idea of simplicity, for women between 25-30 years old, the majority of us don’t want to wear tops with emojis on them. SVW has created pieces that will be timeless – that can be worn now and 4 years down the line without it looking out-of-fashion. The brand can be worn by women of all ages and ethnicities. You can easily see someone my age (26) wear the Ivory Fitted Dress as well as their mum.”

She started working on the brand two years ago with her (at the time) partner’s mum who was a fashion designer. She taught Sophie how to sew and helped create her first samples. Sophie has always been interested in the industry and studied fashion combined with photography at university, where she networked and started to build her team.

SVW’s designs are for the girlboss. The girlboss who wants to look timeless and elegant. The designs are simple – minimalist, yet effective and ready to wear, exactly what you want for a day of business meetings.
When speaking on whether she has faced any setbacks she told us:

“The hardest setback to overcome was the finances to start the fashion label. And I overcame this by believing in myself, and my brand. You have to be persistent, consistent and put in work. It took awhile for me to make money and that can be disheartening, this is when the persistence needs to kick in. You have to be so resilient!

The second was to find a manufacturer. I went through so many manufactures – some even took my money and didn’t return my calls and emails! But every loss has been a lesson. You have to learn from these things – to adjust your strategy and move forward.”

I asked her for her top 3 pointers she can give to women starting a fashion brand, she said:

“1. Make sure you feel you are bringing something new. Identify your USP.
2. Don’t make what you are doing too wide – be specific.
3. Do your research – educate yourself. Study what your idols have done, their work ethic – emulate what they do.”

With plans to take on Europe over the next five years and potentially even open a shop, we can’t wait to see the growth of Sophie Victoria Webb, she may even go into menswear!

Our top 5 pieces from Sophie Victoria Webb are these:
1. Black Deep V Jumpsuit – £80, available here.

2. Origami Shirt – £60, available here.

3. Origami Skirt – £60, available here.

4. Nude Bodysuit – £45, available here

5. Ivory Fitted Dress – £80, available here.

I love this dress so much, I even got one for myself! The quality is so good, and I love its timeless design.

Check out SVW here:

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