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The water filter everyone needs


The water filter everyone needs


As the summer months fast approach, our water intake should see an increase. With tap water and bottled water coming under scrutiny (for good reasons), we have tried and tested the best water filters.

The best water filter we have come across is the ZeroWater filtration jugs, which are extremely user-friendly and have a 5-stage filter process meaning that over 99% of unwanted solids and fibres, which can be found in our tap water more regularly than we think, are filtered out.

The ZeroWater 12 Cup Ready Pour costs £39.99 from, smaller jugs start from £24.99.

Not only is the water filtered through ZeroWater jugs purer than bottled water/tap water, it is also better for the environment, as we can re-use our plastic/glass bottles.

These filtered jugs come with a tester allowing you to examine your water for any impurities.

The ZeroWater jugs can be found at:

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