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The Ultimate Summer Menswear Guide

Summer menswear


The Ultimate Summer Menswear Guide

Summer Menswear. It’s ever-changing and always evolving, so how do you keep yourself looking fresh and urban in the modern age?Compiling a truly timeless wardrobe always puts you at an advantage, but you’ll need to remember to have a good mix of winter and summer fits for every occasion. Summer menswear is a pretty broad field – you could be talking about anything from laid-back beachwear to formal outfits for a wedding in the middle of a heatwave, so having a varied collection can help you to find the right style for every situation. If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry – just check out our guide to men’s designer streetwear for the summer!

Tees and Vests Look Great and Keep You Cool

In the warm weather, there’s nothing worse than trying to cool yourself down but being unable to do so because of what you’re wearing, so investing in some cool, light summer wear is a no-brainer. If you’re going away, you might be tempted to be a little more adventurous with your summer garments – bringing an element of men’s designer streetwear into your look could be the perfect way to spruce up your look. Printed shirts and sleeveless tees are a popular choice at the momentthanks to their ability to keep you loose and flowing with eye-catching style! Colour and stripes are a big hit this summer, so expect to see lots of that on the shelves wherever you shop; the bolder the better!

Tackling the “Smart/Casual” Dress Code

It’s enough to send shivers down the spine and give you cold sweats – what does smart casual actually mean? By now, the phrase seems to have lost all meaning; it’s the dress code for nearly every event and it never means the same thing at any of them. For a true smart casual look, you need to find the right balance between formalwear and streetwear – this keeps you comfy and relaxed, with an air of sophistication – this can be particularly difficult in the summer, but we suggest making the most out of the nice weather with a sophisticated jacket and a pair of simple denim or chino shorts.

Heading to The Beach?

One look that is undoubtedly casual, beachwear is something that just needs to be breezy and comfortable – it’s all about relaxing so make sure you keep your outfit as laid back as possible. In keeping with the bold, standout pattern theme that’s ontrend right now, you can expect to see plenty of out-there patterns on your trips to the sea and sand this summer, so don’t be caught out, join in! You might just end up finding some eccentric new patterns that fit you to a tee. Kit yourself out with snazzy beach gear such as sunglasses, towels and bags for the ultimate summer fashion icon feel!

Hopefully, you should have a few ideas on how to style your summer menswear, with plenty of designer streetwear available to incorporate into your outfits for a really on-trend urban look. Check out some of the top prints, patterns, and fits around and find a look that really suits you.

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