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The Travel Guide – Ibiza, the home of Sun, Sea and cocktails


The Travel Guide – Ibiza, the home of Sun, Sea and cocktails


Now unless you live under a rock you would know that Ibiza is the island of sun sea, party, cocktails and more sun. I took a trip to Ibiza to visit the best most talked about spots in on the island to find out if these places really live up to the hype.

We stayed at Hotel Azuline Galfi based in San Antonio Bay, which is a 45 minute bus ride from the airport Aeroport d’Eivissa, 5-7 minute walk from the main beach and 1o minutes to the strip which had all the nightclubs and bars.


Ibiza Rocks

We visited Ibiza Rocks, also known as ‘The home of the pool party in Ibiza’ as soon as we arrived on the first day which was Tuesday 10th, they had a special guest performing which was Craig David who literally made all of our childhoods.

We were greeted with two delicious strawberry cocktails and access to the top balcony of the beach party. What I loved the most about Ibiza rocks was the fact that the music genre catered to everyone, urban music was played for a while, followed by house etc. Craig David appeared on stage at 6pm which made us eventually get into the pool so that we could have great access to see and hear Craig David.

The vibe of the beach party was nothing that I have ever experienced before, everyone was dancing and singing along to the music, dancing in the pool and most of all enjoying the sunshine. I completely enjoyed my time here and would most defiantly be returning whenever the next festival takes place!!

UK artist Stormzy did perform here the week prior, so the heat around Ibiza Rocks was still and defiantly reflected.

Ibiza Rocks defiantly rocks!!


STK is situated in Ibiza town which is around a 20 minute drive from San Antonio, however the restaurant is most defiantly worth the journey!! This spot opens at 8pm and serve starters, mains, the best cocktails I have had in a very long time and delicious deserts! they close at 6am which gives you loads of time to hit the dance floor for the remainder of your night.


On the menu you have a selection of grilled lobster, roasted sea bass, corn fed chicken breast, Norwegian salmon, pumpkin raviolli and sea red lamb cannon – such a delicious selection and the waiters are extremely patient giving you just the right amount of time before coming back to take away your plates and replace with the next selection. The waiters gave us a selection of mini’s to try a bit of everything which was amazing as we really was able to get the whole vibe of STK. The venue is so beautifully lit, not too bright and not too dark still allowing you to see the stunning inside decor. A lovely performance took place which was a lady doing tricks with a hoola hoop followed by a separate performance of a lady dressed up in a cat suit which was so unique to see.

Everyone was extremely helpful and polite and the food and cocktails were delicious!! I will defiantly make sure I return back on my next trip to Ibiza!


Ocean Beach Ibiza

Ocean beach Ibiza is a beautiful daytime beach club situated just a few minutes away from the main beach. The set up is quite unique as you have a a massive pool with mini tables and seats inside the pool to relax on whilst the music is playing. You also have beds that you can chill on whilst ordering your favourite drink by the bar right next to you – or you can stand centre stage right next to the sound system as there is a massive dance floor in front of the pool if you don’t feel like getting your feet wet. I done a mixture of chilling in the pool with a double Jack Daniels and coke followed by dancing till my legs fell off when I heard my favourite songs come up.

The entrance to Ocean Beach is so magical, it’s almost like a fairy garden kind of in a maze that you have to follow all the way round. We were given our VIP wristbands and headed to the bar right at the back where we could sit in the water where is was not too packed.

Ocean beach Ibiza is superb and I would most defiantly be returning here!!

If you want a holiday with a mixture of laying your hair down by the beautiful beach downtown, and partying until 6am then Ibiza is most defiantly the place to go. You can even find really good deals on Ice lolly which is where me and my friend found our deal.

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