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The Most Luxurious Bath Oil


The Most Luxurious Bath Oil

When you’re feeling mentally and physically drained, a bath can often really help when you just need to have a soak, relax and unwind. Olverum bath oil is a highly concentrated, therapeutic bath oil which contains 10 pure essential oils, carefully blended together.

Run your bath, add approximately 1/3 capful to the water and disperse with your hand before entering. A little goes a long way and in a 125ml bottle, you get around 25 baths so it really makes the £32.00 (125ml) price tag worthwhile.

The bath oil is incredibly relaxing and stress-relieving, I find that some bath oils can be quite greasy and leave a residue on your skin and bathtub, this was not the case with Olverum. I felt it nourished my skin and really helped with my eczema which was a bonus.

It is a natural way to relieve stress, aid sleep, ease aching and sore muscles or provide an antidote to a cold or flu.

“For many years Olverum survived by word of mouth – a cult product known in the UK to only a small number of passionate devotees. Now beautifully re-packaged, yet still retaining the same formulation loved for over eight decades, Olverum recently relaunched under new British ownership.”  

I would highly recommend this bath oil and it’s become a staple for me when it comes to my relaxation routine.

The 125ml (£32.00) and the 250ml (£58.00) can be purchased from Feel Unique or the Olverum website.

Other stockists include: House of Fraser (online), Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

As well as the bath oil, a dry body oil and body oil is also available on the Olverum website.


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Written by Jasmin Woodward

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