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The Melanin Beauty Box


The Melanin Beauty Box

The Vegan free, cruelty free melanin beauty Box ‘Shade Sirch’ has come to our rescue! Not only is this subscription box melanin friendly but it also contains non toxic, organic products for everyone.

Founded by Loye, a woman who adores her heritage and beauty supplies. She found it rather difficult as a lot of us have to find products suited for not only her skin tone but an affordable, local supply store – She found it difficult to locate these brands for her to support as they were pretty much no where to be seen, therefore she went on a hunt of researching, studying and figuring out where these brands could be hiding.

Investigating further with these minority brands, when she was able to fully discover them a lot of these businesses sadly went out of business within a short time frame. This could be down to two reasons 1.These brands were struggling with scalability 2.The funds were not availability due to lack of scalability. This is where Shade Sirch was birthed! The lack of opportunity for minority brands motivated Ola to shine a light on products owned by people of colour.

Shade Sirch ultimately is a monthly subscription service catered to supplying customers with beauty products made by people of colour. This can be anywhere from a hair condition to a lip scrub. As Loye is vegan herself, she has understood the importance of knowing what to put on and in your body – this is why each of the products that go inside the boxes are vegan/cruelty free and organic.

“We realize that many people are fearful of some beauty products and there is the need for a more health conscious inclusive beauty industry -that is our focus at Shade Sirch Apart from our desire is to support amazing Minority Owned Beauty Businesses from Black, Asian and Mixed Etnicities Communities; we at Shade Sirch believe that everybody deserves to know the ingredients in the products used”


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