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The key to solving your problems? Just sleep on it



The key to solving your problems? Just sleep on it


With a good night’s sleep being shown to help in the resolution of a myriad of problems. The phrase ‘sleep on it’ was once commonly seen as an old wives tale but now, new research has revealed there IS truth in the saying.

  • Over half of people (55%) have thought about a problem before falling asleep and woken up having resolved it
  • Deciding what to do about a financial issue and considering whether to quit your job or split up with your partner are among the top problems solved by sleep

The nationwide study [1], conducted by Sealy UK, the world’s number one bed brand, aimed to find out more about the UK’s sleeping habits and whether there is any truth in the old adage of going to sleep before trying to solve a problem or making a big decision.

The research discovered that 55% of people have thought about a personal problem before bed and woken up in the morning to find that the issue has been resolved or feels simpler than it did the night before.

When it comes to solving life’s problems and big decisions it was discovered that sleep really is the greatest healer, with over a third of respondents (39%) stating they had lower levels of stress and over half (58%) saying they felt their mood improve after putting their problems to one side in favour of a good night’s sleep.

Financial problems (37%) and family issues (27%) were cited as the top problems that people have managed to find a solution to after going to sleep.

The top issues people have resolved after a good night’s sleep are:

  • Financial issues (37%)
  • Family problems (27%)
  • Whether to quit a job (16%)
  • Where to go on holiday (11%)
  • Who to invite to your wedding (11%)
  • Whether to split up with someone (10%)
  • Whether to apply for a job (10%)
  • What university to go to (10%)
  • Whether to date someone (9%)
  • Whether to get married (8%)

The results of the research support recent scientific findings on the effect of sleep on problem solving, with a 2012 study finding that a group of participants who had slept before performing different tasks solved a greater number of complex problems than the participants that had not slept. [2]

Commenting on the results of the research Neil Robinson, an expert on sleep at Sealy UK, said: “Modern life can be hectic and can present us with many problems to address on a daily basis. It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best course of action when presented with these big problems or decisions really is to do nothing at all!

“As our research shows, putting aside a problem for a little while in order to get a good night’s sleep can be the best way forward, with issues that seemed insurmountable the night before often appearing a lot simpler to solve once morning comes. A good night’s sleep can truly do wonders, so if you’re serious about a stress-free life, our advice would be to invest in getting the best sleep you can on a daily basis.”

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