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The Instagram Algorithm Masterclass – Patrice Camille


The Instagram Algorithm Masterclass – Patrice Camille

“Think of a business as an entire body. Instagram is like a leg. It’s a TOOL to help you market your business, it’s not the actual business.” – Patrice Camille

Patrice Camille, owner of Digital Marketing Agency, PinkShip, hosted a much appreciated masterclass this month along with her team, titled “The Instagram Algorithm”. Pink Ship will be providing an #AlgorithmSeries to help us better master the techniques of these social media platforms.

Centred in the sunny side of Croydon, we were welcomed by a warm, professional group of young individuals. We enjoyed the intimate setting of B2B networking, and intrinsic Q&As. Intuitively, we were seated with other creatives / professionals who were within our sector. E.g, Mental health and wellness, fashion & beauty, lifestyle as one and music / entertainment on another and so on.

A well presented slide show, accompanied by a work book, ended up being the perfect template for every Girl Boss to dive into when it comes to establishing your business ventures from its ‘idea’ stage to a constructed plan.

The atmosphere was filled with bright ideas, love, evolution and clarity. We had the pleasure of meeting Patrice’s mother, owner of “Ywait,” Natural Salon and spent the day bouncing content creation ideas with other business platform owners.

At the end of the Masterclass, I took part in leaving a video recording of my experience and what the main points I took away were. “I loved the masterclass, Patrice helped me to understand that it’s not a good idea to copy the business model of another creative as it may not be the right business model for and your brand. Know your business.”

Join in the fun with the Amorelles and Pinkship in her upcoming masterclass, the Facebook algorithm taking place on the 7th July!  And for those wanting another chance to tackle that Instagram Algorithm, no worries. The next Instagram Algorithm class will be on the 11th August!

Words : Oluchi Olivia

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