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The Guy On The L Train

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The Guy On The L Train

The Guy On The L Train
While listening to Amy Winehouse through my headphones, I ran onto the train heading to my job; smiling because I jumped through the doors as they were closing with no injury. I noticed a handsome guy sitting across from those same doors. As I sat down and pulled out my book, I noticed he was also reading a book (a rare thing to see on the train). As I was trying to be nosy and see the book title, he caught me, smiled and held up the book so that I could see he was reading Another Country (James Baldwin). I would like to say that after our exchange we became interested in our readings but that was far from the truth. We would randomly catch each other glancing at the other,  then turning our heads quickly to our books. The woman next to me noticed this and whispers “He is attractive and he reads. “You better get him before I do”. But making the first move was not happening. I looked up and realized I had 4 more stops because I needed to get off the train.

Stop Four-I looked at him and this time I didn’t look away.
Stop Three-He smiled a bright smile that made his chocolate skin glow.
Stop Two-I took off my headphones and stood up to show that I was getting off.
Last stop-He smiled again and went back to reading his book.
I guess he doesn’t make the first move either. Sigh, the dateless life continues.
By Nikita Brown
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Editor Paige Russell

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