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The Body Shop Pumpkin Vanilla Review


The Body Shop Pumpkin Vanilla Review


Pumpkin season has arrived and the Body Shop is here to show us that it’s not all lattes and carving for this Autumnal squash. With a 24 hour moisture guarantee, the pumpkin vanilla range promises long lasting scent with skin benefiting ingredients. But does it deliver?

The range is made up of four products. Hand cream, body butter, shower gel and a shimmer mist. And like a kid at a sweet shop I bought them all. I decided to order online to try out Body Shop’s delivery services and can happily report that it all went smoothly and the products were at my doorstep within five days.

No sooner had I got the box inside, there was cardboard flying and protective wrappings all over the floor. I just couldn’t wait to smell it! The body butter was the biggest tub in the box so was the first thing I grabbed for the initial sniff test.

The smell was very surprising.

Not the overly sweet pumpkin spice-smell we all know and love, but something very different.

It had a lot more depth and earthiness, the pumpkin was really the star of the show. There were subtle notes of vanilla sweetness but with an unexpected warmth about it as well. It very pleasant and extremely different to anything I’d ever smelled before.

Out of everything that I tried I was surprised that it was the hand cream that really stood out. The handy little tube is the perfect hand bag size and I found myself carrying it around wherever I would go. It has a thick texture but still absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving you feeling sticky. On colder days it would act as a barrier between my skin and harsh winds, preventing them from drying out or cracking. The cream felt very nourishing and after a couple days of using it my hands felt softer and looked taken care of.

I had very similar results with the body butter. The texture was slightly thicker than that of the hand cream meaning it did take some time to soak in, but once it was there it wouldn’t budge. While I didn’t get 24 hours of moisture, I did get several hours of beautifully smelling and nourished skin. Pretty impressive since most body butters only last a couple of hours before wearing off.

Something that I was disappointed in, but not shocked by was the shimmer mist. It really didn’t do much other than spray a bit of sparkly stuff everywhere and the little smell it did have wore off after a few hours. There are several better, cheaper and more effective body sprays than this one, even Body shop themselves carry better alternatives.

The pumpkin vanilla shower gel was the perfect thing to come home to after a long and stressful day. The homely scent lulled you into relaxation and every shower took an extra 20 minutes because I just didn’t want to get out. With only the smallest drop of product your whole body could be lathered in minutes as the formula is very bubbly. It washes away any dirt, grease and grime from the day and leaves you feeling fresh and squeaky clean. The biggest pitfall with this was that I didn’t buy two.

Pumpkin flavours during this time of the year can seem like a fad, so it’s a refreshing change to see products that are seasonal but actually work. And while I didn’t fall in love with everything, I certainly was impressed with the pumpkin Vanilla range as an Autumnal essential.

Written by Laura Cartwright




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