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The best setting powder for dark skin – on a budget


The best setting powder for dark skin – on a budget


The beauty industry has been taking notes in the last two years and we couldn’t be prouder that we no longer have to settle for brands not paying attention to darker skin’s needs, whether that be in foundations, finishing powders or even lipsticks that will suit our skin completions.

Baking after you beat your face with your favourite foundation is probably most of our favourite part of our makeup routine. Just knowing that your makeup is going to stay put all day or all night and will give your skin that silky smooth finish is what most of us look forward to doing.

It is definitely a false theory that with paying a high price guarantee’s quality, i’m sure many of you can follow suit in agreeing that, that is not always the case. So we are here to show you where you can purchase cheap, quality setting powders without giving you a crease when it dries and without giving you flashback when you want to hashtag #makeupgoals on Instagram for half the price.


Banana Dreams

This is a translucent loose powder with a yellow undertone, it can be purchased for just £7 in beauty base stores or online. Gives you a smooth warm finish and is great for long wear.


NYX Translucent powder

Translucent powders are great for baking the face, this is because they give you a great brightening finish, but the only thing I would say about using a translucent powder as a darker skin is to make sure you don’t keep it on for too long as if it on for too long it may make the skin look slightly pasty. This powder is just £7 and great for on the go.


Sleek loose powder

This powder is really good for all you brownings and if you have a yellow undertone. It will give you a nice warm finish and is great for oily skin as it reduces skin and from producing excess oil at just £5.50!


Makeup Revolution Banana Powder

It looks as though makeup revolution have really up’d their game in the last few months. From launching an 18 shade range dedicating their foundation to the lightest of shades to the darkest.

Their Banana Powder is a great cheaper replicate of the all famous Ben Nye banana powder. Giving you an even smooth tone once applied, the brand have one for if you have a yellow undertone and one if you have more of a red undertone. Great work Rev!

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