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The best face masks on the market


The best face masks on the market

When are the your pamper days? Mine definitely has to be a sunday evening, a bubble bath just after my hair has been washed, conditioned and masked. It’s then time to have a mini nap in the bath with a mask and a few lit candles.

Sometimes it may be a little bit of trial and error before finding the mask that you fall in love with. Below I have included two masks – one for oily skin and one for dry skin which could finally be the end of your skin trials.

Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask – For Oily skin  

This mask is 100% vegan and includes ingredients such as bamboo which helps get rid of dirt and bacteria and helps the skin achieve a flawless complexion. This product also includes green tea leaves which helps clears clogged pores, reduces puffiness and acts as an SPF for the skin. Tea tree oil is also an important element in this mask which helps remove impurities and any excess oil that the skin has produced.Catered for oily skin however what is great about this product is that it won’t dry out your skin, although it is getting rid of excess oil produced it still leaves the skin with a lovely rejuvenated glow.

Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution clearing mask – For dry skin 

Again this mask is 100% vegan and can be purchased from any body shop store. The Matcha tea included helps to prevent acne, boost the blood circulation, remove pollutants and bring through radiant skin.

Aloe Vera which is infused in the mask is important element for calming the skin, soothing any irritated dry skin. As well as bringing moisture and water back to the surface of the skin, it also replaces any impurities with moisture and healthy elements that have been lacking from the skin.


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