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The beginners guide to practising ‘Skin Gratitude’


The beginners guide to practising ‘Skin Gratitude’

Forget chakras, jade rollers and snail slime, practising ‘skin gratitude’ could be the secret to that all-important glow. It’s the latest trend to take the skincare world by storm and beauty experts swear by the results.

Leading UK confidence expert, and the world first and only comparison coach, Lucy Sheridan has created a beginner’s guide to practising and introducing ‘skin gratitude’ to your beauty regime, the latest beauty trend to promise that all important glow.

So, what’s the secret? Saying a big ‘thank you’ to your skin. Even the leading wellness and beauty tech brand FOREO say it should be a staple in all our regimes.

The brand, who are well known for their cult-status skincare devices, is calling out for people to boost their glow from within. This is why they have partnered with leading confidence coach, Lucy Sheridan, to create a beginner’s guide to practising ‘skin gratitude’ in your skincare regime.

Skin gratitude may sound like another fad, but the mental benefits of saying thank you to yourself and showing some self-love will make you glow from the inside out. When someone feels confident it’s impossible not to feel that energy and to see that radiate from their face.” – Lucy Sheridan.


The beginner’s guide to practising skin gratitude according to confidence coach Lucy Sheridan:

  1. Choose a ‘compass word’:

Practising skin gratitude is all about improving your self-worth – feeling worthy, being able to receive and have the capacity to enjoy and thrive in the life that feels right for you.

You can start by choosing a word or phrase – a compass word – to guide how you want to feel over the next 12 months and to make your choices and decisions, so they align with that.

This will ‘snap you out’ of comparison wobbles to break the cycle in the moment and bring you back to yourself.

  1. Celebrate your individuality:

You and your skin are totally unique so give yourself some self-love and stop comparing yourself to others. When we embrace our individuality, it’s possible to thrive.

Say thank you to the features that make you, you.

Don’t let anything hold you back and if you would benefit from some special help or advice seek it out – don’t suffer in silence.

  1. Fake it ‘til you make it: 

Don’t mistake confidence for being an extrovert or someone that punches the air with enthusiasm every day.

Confidence is an inner power that is unique to each of us as individuals and like any muscle, the more we work it the stronger it gets.

  1. Be part of the change: 

Be part of this shift happening where instead of judging and dismissing people feeling themselves, we celebrate and applaud it.

Express yourself and show the world who you are.

Embrace your skin, your style and whatever else makes you feel your best self.

  1. Show your skin some love: 

Skin gratitude is a great way to glow from the inside out, but it’s important to incorporate this into a skincare regime with products that work and make you feel amazing.

A deep cleanse is the most important step, and the FOREO LUNA 3 device is perfect as it can be used with any cleanser.

The LUNA 3 device removes up to 99.5% of dirt and increases blood circulation giving you a natural glow so you feel prepared, polished and ready to be you.

The FOREO LUNA 3 device uses ultra-hygienic silicone and t-sonic pulsations to remove up to 99.5% of dirt and increases blood circulation for a natural glow.

Unlike other cleansers, there’s no need to replace the devices brush head, ever.

The LUNA 3 can be purchased from for £169 RRP.

LUNA 3 Device RRP £169

Having used the FOREO LUNA 3 myself I couldn’t recommend it to readers enough. The device can connect to your phone through Bluetooth which means you can control the LUNA device through the app on your phone – which is super handy!

The different settings of vibration allows you to choose which treatment you would like to experience with the LUNA 3.

The FOREO has left my skin incredibly saturated and hydrated, I couldn’t imagine going back to using my hands to clean my face, the FOREO has completely changed that for me. Your skin feels clean and ready to tackle the day, I use mine every morning and every evening to remove any build up of dirt and oils that has collected on my skint throughout the day.

The LUNA 3 device can also be used to remove make up! So let’s all give skin gratitude a try and see if it makes a difference for your skin!

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