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The 10 Minute Ultimate Beach Workout


The 10 Minute Ultimate Beach Workout


The 10 Minute Ultimate Beach Workout

Personal trainer Faye Pritchard from Faye’s Fitness PT talks us through The 10 Minute Ultimate Beach Workout.

With summer here, we’ve all got one thing on our minds- our annual beach getaway! Cue long lazy days and lots of good food. But the combination of eating more and doing less can play havoc not only with our waistlines but our wellbeing, leaving us feeling lethargic and not as refreshed by our holiday as we could be. The answer is the 10 Minute Ultimate Beach Workout, designed to be done right on the beach and focusing on bikini friendly areas like waist, abs and bottom. And if you’re not heading away this summer, the exercises work just as well on British beaches too.

1. Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks are brilliant for toning your bottom. Find a nice patch of soft sand and kneel with your hands out in front of you, shoulder width apart. Keeping your back nice and straight, flex one foot slightly upwards then slowly raise your leg until it is in line with your back. Return your leg to kneeling position. Repeat 10 times then swap to the other leg. 

2. Forward Jump Squats

From standing position with legs shoulder width apart and with knees nice and soft, you are going to jump forwards into a squat. At the same time as jumping, elevate your arms up and in front of you to chin level. As you land in squat position, bring your hands together clasped at the fingers. Stand up straight and then go again. Repeat 10 times.


3. Mountain Climbers

Start in a plank position, with arms straight down onto the sand, shoulder width apart and legs out straight behind you, again about shoulder width apart. Start by bringing one leg in towards your chest before switching and doing the same with the opposite leg. Keep your core engaged and you’ll be working your abs as well as your arms and quads. Count 20 mountain climbers in total, so 10 for each leg.

4. Plank Taps


Another fabulous exercise for working your core and tightening your abs are plank taps. Start in the plank position with legs shoulder width apart but this time put your hands closer together with thumbs touching. Raise one hand and tap your fingers to your opposite shoulder then back. Do the same with your other hand. Count 20 so that you complete 10 for each hand.


5. Reverse or Side Plank

The Reverse Plank is like the regular plank but in reverse and is a wonderful wellbeing move that you often see in yoga or Pilates. Stretch your legs out in front of you with toes pointed forward. Place your hands to the side of your body then take your weight as you gradually extend your arms. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat. An alternative is the Side Plank. Lying on your side with your top foot and top arm slightly behind you and your lower arm out in front of you. Slowly raise your torso off the sand, holding for 10 seconds and repeat. Then flip onto your opposite side and do the same. The side plank is ideal for working your oblique muscles, toning your waist.

Faye’s Fitness PT is based near Liverpool and is the creation of 24 year old Faye Pritchard. Faye works with women who don’t have the confidence to visit a gym but want to make big changes to their health. In her private studio, Faye offers personal training, 12 week packages and unique full and half day retreats. The full day retreat includes 2 hours of training, a Liverpool sightseeing tour, brunch, a 30 minute private bootcamp, energy supplements and 3 months online advice/guidance. For more info visit:

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