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Taking care of your natural hair this winter


Taking care of your natural hair this winter

The air is colder it gets dark at 6pm now .. sound a bit like winter to me. We all fuss about the best winter coats to buy and the need to have the amount of jumper supply to see you from now until most likely April but what about our natural hair – for those of us with afro textured hair we know for a fact that we need to plan in advance hairstyles, products and wash days to keep our hair in decent condition. Below is a few tips on caring for those lovely natural locs this winter.


Deep condition

Your hair is your crown and although we may be way too tired or busy to come home after a long hard day at work to spend 1 hour + to manage our hair, just think of hair deep condition as cream for your body. If it is not done often it will just become fragile and lifeless (trust me I slack the most on this too myself) but deep conditioning especially those roots really brings bounce and moisture to the hair – honestly once a week is perfectly fine leave the product on for a few hours whilst you are doing your evening duties and your hair will thank you. Sunday’s work best and you can incorporate this to your self care Sundays.Image result for deep conditioner cantu



Oil that scalp 

My favourite oil to use is castor oil and although I hate the smell with all my heart, you need to understand that – that oil does the job. Not only does is protect your hair from damage and dryness but it also stimulates growth and helps your hair to grow back thicker and longer. A lot of guys also use castor oil on their beard – so remember ladies oil that scalp!

Image result for castor oil










Protective hair styles

Whether you will be rocking braids or wigs this winter, protect your hair by all costs because all this cold weather and pollution will do is damage those edges and roots. I normally like to wear a wig then switch it up every couple of month and wear braids so it’s completely up to you on what your preference is, but just remember to keep that hair protected. Also wearing a satin silk scarf at night time is great because it’s gentle against the hair and won’t rub against the head whilst your sleeping unlike some other fabrics.

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