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Superdrug introduces Botox and in store fillers service


Superdrug introduces Botox and in store fillers service


Superdrug recently announced that they will be providing an instore botox and filler service after a huge amount of feedback demanding products for anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenate treatment.

The service will be available for customers over the age of 25 years old who will need to book the service before hand via telephone. All the nurses who have been trained to a high standard will first start off with a initial consultation with the potential customer, followed by the nurse deciding if the treatment will be suitable for the individual – all of which will take place in a private consultation room.

Superdrug recently trailed the service at their London flagship store on the 16th August, with a view to rolling out further clinics across the UK.

Around 100,000 Botox injections are carried out in Britain each year, and non-surgical treatments gain over 2.75 billion in revenue each year according to The Evening Standard.

“Just because Botox is being done on the high street, the public should not think it is like a beauty treatment”  says plastic surgeon council member Rajiv Grover

Prices start at £99, what are your thoughts on this easy accessible high street Botox launch in Superdrug stores?

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