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Stef Montanaro returns with brand new track ‘Mesmerising’


Stef Montanaro returns with brand new track ‘Mesmerising’

The super talented Stef Montanaro has unveiled a brand new single called, ‘Mesmerising’. The track sounds like a warm holiday dream; the jazzy-inflected instruments, Stef’s honeyed vocals and the layered electric baseline, all synced with the talented artist’s contemporary old soul vibe. The lyrics breathe life into the listeners’ minds – coated with affirmations and positivity. Mesmerising evokes rebirth, unlimited confidence and independence. 

When speaking about the track, Stef Montanaro says, “it’s an open love letter to all of the woman around me, highlighting their worth and importance, it’s a song very close to my heart as I feel it’s important to pay tribute to the women that have shaped my life and also women in general”. 

Make sure to listen to the great track below:

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