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Spa Experience Kensington – Thermal Spa Therapy

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Spa Experience Kensington – Thermal Spa Therapy

It is recommended that you treat yourself to a spa at least once a month, that is a complete detox including massage treatment, sauna and steam room. This really helps relax, unwind and for your muscles to be renewed as well as blood circulation to flow better.

I took a trip to Thermal Spa London Kensington branch for a little Sunday self care of my own, they have different branches across London including Swiss Cottage, Bethnal Green, Old Street and Wimbledon.

I was greeted by Lorraine, who took care of me the whole duration of my trip. She took me to one of the beautiful treatment rooms and gave me a brief introduction about the company and the treatments I will be having. She then left me for a few minutes and came back with a bag with a robe, towel and flip flops for myself.


La Sultane De Saba Ayurvedic Shirodhara 

This massage which was 60 minutes long was the best massage I have ever received. Not only was Lorraine extremely professional, but she asked me on a few occasions if the pressure she was putting was good and if I was okay. Lorraine started off with pouring drops of oil all over my body, then using two hot balls to press gently all over the body too. Before I started my session Lorraine asked me about my back problems, as I mentioned on the health sheet that I filled in before my session started that I suffer with back aches from time to time.

Lorraine took the information on board and made sure to look out for key areas in my back where she could feel knots, she pressed into the areas that cause me pain and applied more pressure but slowly moving up and down in that specific area. She done the same on both areas of my back then proceeded to release tension from my lower back area. The bed was also heated which was perfect as it was incredibly soothing.

Every now and again Lorraine would spray a beautiful fragrance which I believe had infused Lavender, keeping the relaxed atmosphere of the room and awaking my senses.

Lorraine then asked for me to turn to lie on my back so that she could massage massage my legs, thigh and stomach, using the same method as previously, however on this occasion she subtly stretched my legs and arms to remove any tension which was extra relaxing. What I loved the most was the fact that Lorraine each time asked me if the pressure was okay when moving to a different area of my body as I mentioned to her at the start of the treatment that parts of my body are quite sensitive than other areas, so for her to ask me made me feel very comfortable as she was always looking out for my best interest.


La Sultane De Saba Head in the clouds

My treatment ended with ‘head in the clouds’ which includes a face, shoulder and scalp massage. I have never had a face and scalp massage done before so I was very excited for this.

Before starting this treatment, Lorraine stretched my neck to the left and to the right ever so gently to warm my body up.

I was laid on my back on this occasion with my chair tilted a little more forward so that Lorraine could access my shoulder area a little easier. This massage is said to comfort the mind, body and soul and I agree 100% that this is exactly what this treatment done to me. Lorraine proceeded to massage my face in a circular motion, then pressing on each side of my forehead which is said to melt away any stress and strain. I mentioned to Lorraine that my scalp can sometimes become quite sore although i’m not entirely sure why this is the case, so she pressed into my scalp area as well as massaging all over the head with a hair mask which can also be used as a body scrub. This mask was massaged into my hair and left in my hair for as long as I needed before I washed it out after my time at the thermal spa.  This treatment lasted for 25 beautiful minutes, and honestly I did not want it to end at all. This was the perfect way to start my Sunday and the brand new week.

Thermal Spa 

After my 1 hour and 25 minute treatment, I was assisted to the changing rooms, which led to the thermal spa. I got changed into my swimsuit and put on the gown and flip flops that I was given to by Lorraine for me to walk around with.

The thermal had different areas for you to relax and unwind, such as the sauna room which is a boiling hot room and is great for releasing toxins from your body to help you feel rejuvenated. I sat in there for around 10 minutes and when I left my skin was glowing and I honestly felt brand new from within so this is something that I definitely want to do more often as this is meant to remove bad impurities from your body which is such a necessity when living in London. I’ve been told in the past that sitting in a sauna followed by taking a very cold shower does wonders for you so I did exactly that and felt that my insides were clean as weird as that might sound. I felt like a new being. I then washed out the mask which was left in my hair, and immediately I could see my hair looking radiant without me even putting any oil in after washing and drying my hair.

I then sat in the relaxation room with a book, this room had infused water mixed with oranges, cucumber and lemon which is an amazing detox when trying to lose weight.

The thermal spa also had a steam room which is due to reduce blood pressure and make the heart healthier, as well as allow blood to transport easier around the body.

If you are thinking of treating yourself, or a loved one for a spa treatment then I 1000% recommend this spot as it is in a great location in London and the service I received was out of this world! Thank you so much for an incredible experience!


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