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Soul singer Novine unveils brand new track ‘Perfection’


Soul singer Novine unveils brand new track ‘Perfection’

Novine has released a brand new track, ‘Perfection’. The song gives us suck soothing vibes and we really love the singer’s distinctive voice in the track. Novine’s warm and calm voice is soothing to the ear, the song makes a bold statement on the importance of confidence yet is delivered in an elegant, gentle way.

Novine was born and raised in Germany by a Jamaican mother and German father and is now residing in Berlin. The soulful singer has found herself taking a very intimate, refreshing approach to R&B, taking influence from her different backgrounds, resulting in music dripping with colourful melodies and charisma.

With a cover video shared on the Official Bob Marley Instagram & Facebook page, securing over 130,000 views, Novine has found inspiration from Bob Marley and others such as Prince and Sade from a young age.

Novine made her mark on the industry over the last years, releasing her EP ‘Solitude’ soon followed by her single entitled ‘Full Moon’. Working on a new project over the past year Novine has returned with her single ‘Memories’ a very intimate yet refreshing song with dreamy vibes and floating vocals.

Listen to her latest track below:

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