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Soho Wala – An Indian Streetfood Experience

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Soho Wala – An Indian Streetfood Experience

Upon entering Soho Wala, we were welcomed by a wonderful fragrance of spices, and that was enough to get our bellies rumbling!

Soho wala

As I stepped into the restaurant, it was almost as though I was stepping back outside, right into a magical Indian courtyard. The subtle sounds of Bollywood playing softly, still images of true India gracefully draped on the walls alongside wooden panels that created a rustic streetfood feel,  still there were gentle reminders of the contemporary world we were situated in – giving this hidden gem restaurant the perfect balance of East meets West to set the eating experience off to a promising start.

With a menu created by Head Chef Rajesh Parmar who formerly ran the kitchen at the prestigious Taj Hotel Group in India, you can only imagine how excited we were when we heard that Soho Wala would now be offering a one of a kind menu that consisted of Momo’s – otherwise known as Steamed indian dumplings that are filled with delicious savoury fillings with an ingenious twist, no doubt!

 The Momo Wala menu is available every day of the week from 12.30pm through till 17.30pm and is priced at £25.00 per person – oh, and did we mention that it is all-you-can-eat! Yep, that’s right, you can say “keep em’ coming until your heart (or belly) is content!

The dumplings come in a variety of 6 different fillings which included Prawn and Pineapple, Butternut squash with fennel, a spicy Fish Basilica Pomodoro, and my personal favourite – Lamb Kheema and chives, all of these are served with some classic favourites from the original menu such as Pani puri, Butter chicken, Steamed rice and Aloo tikki, and let’s just say this was not just an ordinary lunch – this was a complete experience

Every mouthful was a burst of flavour, and it was honestly difficult to decide what we liked on our plates the best as each bite got better. The all-you-can-eat feature definitely had me discreetly undoing the top button on my jeans, and made the whole experience, plus the £25 per head price tag all the more worthwhile!

Soho wala

It’s also good to note, although the spices were plentiful, Soho Wala knows how to perfectly balance spice to flavour – so you are NOT left gasping for water and a numb tongue,  instead you can properly enjoy every note of flavour.

Located in the busy London’s Soho, Soho Wala offers a well worth it experience packed with flavours, aromas and aesthetics that will transport you to the heart of India – even if it’s just for a lunch break!


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