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Snap Election: Tory Manifesto

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Snap Election: Tory Manifesto

The current party leading the country, dubbed ‘Theresa May’s Team’ with a ‘Strong and Stable’ slogan are The Conservatives. But what exactly do they stand for? Here are some key parts of their manifesto.


  • There will be an increase in NHS spending by a minimum of £8bn over the next 5 years.
  • Recover costs of medical treatments from non-UK residents.
  • Ensure 140,000 EU NHS and Social Care workers have their jobs protected.
  • Introduce a ‘death tax’ meaning those earning over £100,000 in assets will pay for their own elderly care after they die, possibly leaving widows with nothing.


  • No deal, is better than a good deal.
  • Leave the EU Single Market and Customs Union, ending freedom of movement.
  • Create new free-trade deals to ensure maximum access to trade.
  • End supremacy of EU law and convert these laws into British law before picking which ones to keep.
  • End any significant contributions to the EU budget.

Tax and Government Spending

  • By 2020 The Conservatives aim to: increase personal allowance to £12,500 with the higher rather at £50,000.,pension triple lock will end and change to a new double lock, corporation tax will be cut to 17%.
  • They also won’t increase VAT.


  • Deliver 1m homes by the end of 2020 with 500,000 more built by 2022.
  • Introduce new fixed-term social housing builds which will be sold privately after 10-15 with automatic right to buy.


  • Scrap free lunches and replace with free breakfast for every year of primary school.
  • Refuse new places to schools with Ofsted ‘inadequate’ or ‘required improvement’.
  • 100 new free schools built every year. ban selective schools.
  • Increase budget from schools by £4bn by 2022 and redirect £1bn of national funding to help schools.


  • Reduce levels of net migration to tens of thousands, which will be classed as a “sustainable” level.
  • Reduce asylum claims but still offer asylum and refuge to those in parts of the world affected by conflict and oppression.

Other key points

  • Fox Hunting: a free vote given to MPs on government bill in government time to repeal hunting act.
  • Homelessness: halve rough sleeping over the course of the next parliament and eliminate it by 2027.
  • Defence: pledge at least 2% of GDP on spending and “maintain” the overall size of the armed forces.
  • Deficit: pledge to eradicate the deficit by 2025.

Want to read the full manifesto? Click here.

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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