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Snap election: Lib Dems Manifesto

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Snap election: Lib Dems Manifesto

Staying strong in third place in the polls is currently the Liberal Democrats, led by Tim Farron, this party released their manifesto online at noon to allow them and their supporters to have a gathering at an east London club later that evening to celebrate. But what exactly is this party standing for in the snap election?

Health and social care

  • 1p rise in income tax to raise £6bn a year for NHS, social care services and public health.
  • Extra month of paid paternity leave offered to new fathers
  • The “triple lock” on state pensions will be protected


  • Student nurses will see their bursaries restored
  • Engineering graduates will be given £10k to join the army
  • £7bn wil be given to the education section to boost spending
  • Free school lunches will be given to all primary school pupils


  • Give a second referendum on the final Brexit deal
  • Protect the rights for EU citizens living in the UK and retain the free movement of EU citizens.
  • Retain membership of the Single Market and customs union

Cannabis legalisation

  • Introduce a legal and regulated cannabis market
  • The drug would be sold through licensed outlets and only to those over 18
  • An estimated £1bn a year will be gained from tax revenues


  • New diesel cars will be banned by 2025
  • Ultra-low emissions schemes will be extended with a potential pollution tax affecting more 10 more towns and cities
  • 60% of electricity will be generated from renewable sources by 2030


  • Create a new Housing Investment Bank which will generate funding for new homes
  • £2bn will be spent on a flood defence scheme
  • Housing benefits will be reinstated to those aged 18-21
  • A new scheme will allow rent payments to accumulate like a mortgage


  • The so-called “Snoopers’ Charter” will be scraped
  • A proportional voting system will be introduced
  • 16 year olds will be given the right to vote
  • A democratically-elected upper chamber will be introduced

Other key points

  • Extend Syrian refugee resettlement programme to 50,000 people over give years and reopen Dubs scheme to take 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees
  • Put 28-day limit on immigration detention
  • Repeal police and security services access to web browsing history of people and end bulk collection of communications data and bulk hacking
  • Offer free sanitary products to girls in school to address ‘period poverty’
  • Ban caged hens and plant tree for every UK citizen over the next 10 years

Want to read the full manifesto? Click here.

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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