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Snap election: Labour Manifesto

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Snap election: Labour Manifesto

The current opposition party is being led by Jeremy Corbyn, with a manifesto that’s been dubbed as ‘taking us back to the 1970s’. But what exactly is it all about? Here’s some key points.


  • An extra £30bn given to NHS raised from taxing top 5% of earners and those who choose private medial insurance, increasing funding to GP services and mental health budgets.
  • Protect EU NHS workers jobs.
  • Increase carer’s allowance in line with Jobseekers Allowance.
  • Take 1m people off NHS waiting lists by guaranteeing access to treatment within 18 weeks.
  • Free parking in NHS England for patients, staff and visitors.


  • Replace current Brexit bill with new one, with negotiating priorities with strong emphasis on staying in single market and customs union.
  • Reject the ‘no deal’ option.
  • Guarantee existing rights for EU national living citizens in the UK and British citizens living abroad.
  • Managed immigration system, no end to freedom of movement but better regulations.

Tax and Government Spending

  • 1.2m people earning over £80,000 will be taxed, this will bring the threshold for the 45p rate of income down from £150,000.
  • Raise corporation tax by 26% raising £19.4bn.
  • Extra powers will be given to HMRC to follow up on individuals and companies who avoid paying tax.


  • Invest in building 1m new homes, 100,000 of these will be council and housing association home.
  • Rent rises will be capped to inflation and legal minimum standards for properties to rent.
  • Provide homes for 4,000 people who have a history of rough sleeping.


  • No commitment to reduce the level of immigration entering the UK.
  • Scrap income thresholds for partner/spouse migrants wanting to come to the UK.
  • Create a Migrant Impact Fund which will support public services in host communities, funded by visa levies.

Workers’ rights

  • End zero hour contracts and unpaid internships.
  • Stop employers from only recruiting from overseas.
  • Up minimum wage to the same level as living wage (at least £10 by 2020)
  • Double paternity leave to four weeks with the pay being increased.
  • Four new public holidays to mark patron saints’ days

Other key points

  • Students/young adults: abolish tuition fess and reintroduce maintenance grants for University students. Lower the age to vote from 18 to 16 years old.
  • The railways: under Government control, cap fares and offer free WiFi across the network. Complete HS2 and link with a “Crossrail of the North”

Want to read the full manifesto? Click here.

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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