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Snap election: How Our Election System Works

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Snap election: How Our Election System Works

With the snap election coming up fast, it’s important to not only look at the manifestos but also how the UK voting system works, as it isn’t the same as many other countries.

The UK election process works on a first past the post system.

Unlike in America where the public vote for a representative, like an MP, and who they want to be President, the UK just vote for an MP.

This system means on June 8 people will not be going into the polling station and vote for Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May but instead for their local MP. If that MP wins they will have a seat in the House of Commons and will go towards the majority needed.

On election night if a party does not receive enough of a majority this will result in a hung parliament. This means that two different parties will have to form a coalition and govern together.

In the 2010 election the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats joined together as the two main parties with the highest and lowest votes to form a joint government.

June 8 is election day and the only day that polling stations are open.

Words: William Sancroft

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