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Sharing Pillows with your partners ex and you don’t even know it

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Sharing Pillows with your partners ex and you don’t even know it

Next time you climb into bed, consider who else might be lurking under the covers with you.
New research reveals two thirds of Brits wouldn’t change their pillows if they had a new partner – which means many of us are sleeping on a former lover’s bodily fluids.
Sweat, saliva and dead skin cells are soaked up every night into our pillows, duvets and bedding. Gross enough, but a survey of 2,000 people by bedding company, reveals that Brits think nothing of hanging onto pillows long after relationships have finished.
Almost one in five of us admit that their new partner is currently sleeping on pillows slept on by a former lover.
On top of all that nighttime drool and dead skin, scientists say that the average person loses a litre of sweat every night and a staggering 0.5lb of skin cells every year – which sounds more like a nightmare – especially if it’s not yours.
Key facts uncovered in the research include:
●      17.45% of both men and women are sleeping on a pillow that at least one other ex has slept on
●      10% of men and 7% of women hang onto to their pillow for a third, fourth or fifth bedfellow
●      25 – 34 year olds are the LEAST likely to get a new pillow with a new partner
●      25% of Brits have pillows and bedding they’ve owned since before they met their current partner
●      On average Brits keep their pillows 2.47 years
●      45.8% of Brits have NEVER washed their pillows
Although almost everyone (92%) knew about the unseen horrors that can breed in the warm and cosy environment of the bed, people would only consider picking up a new pillow if their existing pillow has become lumpy (64%), looks stained (46%) or fails to pass the ‘sniff test’ (41%).
Washing your ex out of your hair might be easy, but getting them out of your bed is more tricky, with one in three admitting they don’t know the best way to wash bedding – FYI, you should wash two pillows at a time, with warm water and gentle detergent, followed by two spin cycles and then tumble dried with tennis balls in (clean) socks to help fluff them back up!
Paul Coulter, from, comments: “Clean pillowcases and sheets aren’t enough to remove an ex from your bed as so much of their skin and sweat will have seeped into your pillows. It’s hardly conducive to a good night’s sleep – for you or your new partner.
“Some people are uncomfortable discussing their past in a new relationship, so you definitely don’t want an ex hanging around in your bedding every night.” helps customers choose the perfect pillow for their sleep type with its unique online Pillow Selector Tool. By answering simple questions about bedtime preferences, can suggest the ideal pillow from its range of household name products from Sealy, Silentnight, Rest Assured and Dreamland, as well as Sleepy People’s exclusive own brand products.

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