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Russian Tape Extensions are revolutionary!


Russian Tape Extensions are revolutionary!

I have never had extensions before, so I was really excited to try these out. I wish the idea of extensions came to mind, when I was trying to grow my hair back after cutting it into a pixie cut a few years ago. You know when your hair goes through that really awful growing-back stage for like six months!? Eeeeek!

But anywho… we are here now and my hair is almost as long as it was when I cut it – just passed my shoulders, but I don’t think I have ever managed to grow it longer than this.

Russian Tape Extensions are quite a new concept, obviously the hair is Russian, hence the name, and the tape refers to the installing process. So they literally tape hair onto your existing hair.

I had a consultation with a friendly member of staff from Beauty & Melody in Marble Arch, where she showed me the selection of colours. My hair is a mixture of light and dark browns and golds, so I thought anyone trying to extend the length with additional hair, would find it really hard to discover a spot on colour match. We all know someone with extensions that doesn’t actually match their hair colour, I really didn’t want to be that girl.

Majority of the staff at Beauty & Melody are colourists, so rest assured they will definitely find a colour to match your hair. If they can match my hair perfectly, they they can match anyone’s!

I had my consultation, and we agreed on the colours of hair and length. I decided to go with 14 inches. I booked my appointment for a few weeks after, as I was going away and they needed to order more of the hair in the colours we selected.

On the day I was going to get my extensions, I had to shampoo wash my hair, without using conditioner. This is because conditioner is quite moisturising and the tape extensions work best when the hair is absent of residue. I arrived at the really pretty salon with my hair in its natural state.

Mel, the hairdresser who was working on my hair, blow-dried my hair straight. I think this again, was to dry the hair out for the tape to stick more. She then started installing the Russian hair extensions. The installing process wasn’t uncomfortable at all and took less than an hour! I thought I was going to be there for half a day as I was having a full head of extensions.

The extensions lasts around 8-10 weeks and then they have to be removed. In the meantime you can wash, condition and style your hair normally, they just advise to keep away from oily products as they use this to remove the tape. Beauty & Melody offer the removal of the tape extensions to make sure they are removed correctly and without damage to the real hair.

I will be reviewing the removal process, so keep a look out for my review on that. Until then, I have a good few months of look like a gold-haired mermaid for the summer! #Winning

I am really happy with my extensions and the colour, and getting my hair done at Beauty & Melody was a real treat! The staff are lovely and know their stuff, the salon is real pretty and the service is 5 star. I think I have found my new hair spot.

DISCLAIMER: Russian Tape Extensions are addictive 🙂

Words: @TheRubyMaeMoore

Beauty & Melody, 19 Great Cumberland Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 7AS

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