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Rita Ora supports Bebe Rexha by co-hosting her ‘Women In Harmony’ event in London

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Rita Ora supports Bebe Rexha by co-hosting her ‘Women In Harmony’ event in London

Last night, Bebe Rexha and Rita Ora joined forces for a ‘Women In Harmony’ event in London.

The event, organised by Bebe, aims to enable female creatives in the music industry to help and support each other, alongside fostering a community that supports young women entering the industry. Bebe hopes this will encourage conversation and collaboration amongst the female writers, producers and artists who attend, whilst also providing a platform for creatives to seek emotional support. The pop superstars were joined by a host of females from the industry including Ray BLK, Nicola RobertsKara Marni, Jin Jin (Janée Bennett)Nadine Samuels, Jess MorganRachel Furner, Camille Purcell, Caroline AilinCarla MarieNegin Djfari, Amy WadgeCleo TigheAmy Allen,Lucy Pawws and Sophie Elton (Dakota). 

At the event, Bebe explained her motivation behind ‘Women In Harmony’, with a key aspect being the wider need for emotional support in the industry, as experienced by both Rita Ora and Bebe.

“I started ‘Women In Harmony’ because when I entered the commercial music business, at the tender age of 19, the one thing I wish I could have had was a female mentor, who could help me through the hardships and help me figure out the business and guide me. ‘Women In Harmony’ is a celebration of the success of women in the creative field of the music business, and crucially it’s an environment where women can feel safe being vulnerable and where they can find support emotionally in this very competitive cutthroat business.

Right now, it’s a baby organisation supporting my community (the creatives – the songwriters, the producers, the singers, the engineers) but eventually I would like to branch it out to include other women who play different roles in the business. I want to combine women just starting out with those of us who have had some success so that newer song writers, singers, producers, engineers can be supported and inspired through the challenges they will face. 

Primarily though tonight is a celebration, it’s a night built on supporting each other, unity, networking, writing songs and music. We are a community! A community of strong women in the creative music business.”

Rita Ora:

“I signed my first record deal when I was 18, and like many of the successful creative women and artists in the business, the opportunity that presented itself to me required me to move to New York. It was lonely and very scary at times, even though I had a pretty much all female management team to support me, I lacked the friendship and mentorship of female creatives. When I heard from Bebe about her idea for ‘Women In Harmony’, and my friends told me about her event in LA, I thought it was a brilliant initiative and I wanted to get involved and help support Bebe.

As women in this industry, it is important that we support each other and stick together. I told Bebe that when she next come to London, I would love to host a dinner for her to support her initiative. So here we are. I’m so proud of Bebe and all the women here. Bebe has told me her plans for ‘Women In Harmony’ and she can count of me for my support. I’m so happy to be here tonight.”

‘Women In Harmony’ is merely in its infancy, beginning earlier this year when Bebe hosted her first event in Los Angeles which saw the likes of Charli XCX, Avril Lavigne, Kelsea Ballerini, Havana co-writer Ali Tamposi, “Despacito” co-writer Erica Ender, Kim Petras, JoJo, producers/writers WondaGurl and Lauren Christy, Daya, Priscilla Renea, Sevyn Streeter, Ester Dean, Krewella, Phoebe Ryan, AlunaGeorge’s Aluna Francis and Julianne Hough all attend. Bebe hopes to continue ‘Women In Harmony’ and to encourage women worldwide in the music industry.

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