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Punching Off The Lbs


Punching Off The Lbs


Forget zumba, the latest fitness craze taking London by storm is BOXING! It’ll be no surprise to learn that people are looking to boxing as a form as exercise as well as learning to defend themselves at the same time.
So where can you go to get started? Here a four top boxing classes for beginners.


Golden Girl

Time: 6:30pm

Day: Wednesday

Location: Ringstone Gym, 141-153 Drummond Street, Euston, NW1 2PB

Price: £15 per class, pay as you go

These hour long fitness sessions combine cardio work, real boxing techniques and drill sessions to give you a full body work-out and boxing training.

Miguel’s Boxing Gym

Time: 8pm

Day: Tuesday and Thursday

Location: Railway Arches, 261-262 Hardess St, SE24 0HN

Price: £10 per session, pay as you go

These full body workouts can help you shed 16lbs in 6 weeks through an intense burning session.

City Boxer

Time: 7pm

Day: Thursday

Location: The Ring Boxing Club, 70 Ewer Street, SE1 0NR

Price: £20 per class, for non-members

These ladies sparring classes focus on the techniques of boxing in a 75 minutes session giving you drills and one on ones to build your boxing skills.

Fighting combat fitness

Time: 7:30pm (Monday) 8:30pm (Wednesday)

Location: Northwick Park Golf Club, 280 Watford Road, Harrow, HA1 3TZ

Price: £12

These women’s only BoxFit conditioning classes are non contact focusing on cardiovascular fitness which is great for beginners.

Words by: Amy Joanna Taylor

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