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Overcome challenges through the art of resilience


Overcome challenges through the art of resilience


For years, if anyone ever asked me to describe myself in one word, my response would always be “resilient”. I always felt it summed me up and made me come across as strong and self-assured.

I have no idea why I always wanted to be perceived this way, especially because when I first started saying it, I doubt I had been through anything in life that had really stretched me beyond my comfort zone.

Now I’m a little older and wiser, and have now earned the title of being resilient, I’ve learnt that resilience is key to overcoming those inevitable life challenges.

Which is why I encourage other women to work on developing their resilience, here are my suggestions to do exactly that:

1. Don’t solve problems with the same mindset that created them:
Einstein said that only a fool does the same thing expecting different results. So if you find yourself in a difficult situation you have to get creative with the solution. Ask yourself what you could do differently? Research the issue, don’t be afraid to seek help!
2. Emotional intelligence:
If you don’t manage your emotions, it’s your emotions that will manage you. Whilst that may give you temporary satisfaction especially if you take the petty route but more often than not, it’s a lose-lose situation. The best way to move forward would be to consider your emotions and then CHOOSE an appropriate response after careful thought. This may seem odd to those with a more reactive nature, especially because we are taught that our emotions are natural responses. For the most part, this is true but part of personal growth is about taking more responsibility for your actions and making choices that are in line with the end results that you truly desire!
3. Bounce back mindset:
As morbid as it sounds, death is probably the only situation that you cannot really come back from! With that in mind, when you are in a challenging situation, focus your thoughts on your next moves and how you can positively turn the situation around. This is not just about positive thinking alone; it’s about considering what actions you will take to turn a set back into a comeback!
4. Seek help:
Part of resilience is knowing when you need a helping hand and not being afraid to reach out. That could be reading self-help books that speak about your situation or even speaking to a friend, counsellor or life coach!
Building resilience is a great way to overcome challenges and taking these four steps is a great place to start!
Words : Jennifer Phillips, Life Coach

Jennifer Phillips is a life coach who has created a platform called ‘I Am Empress’ to empower women to build their lives with authenticity. Jennifer will be regularly bringing content to Amor to encourage our readers to do exactly that! If you think you would benefit from a conversation with Jen, her email is: [email protected]Instagram

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