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Organise your home like a Boss


Organise your home like a Boss

Few of us are naturally organised. Its something that often comes to us in time, but its also something that can be taught as long as youre willing to listen. Good organisation is, of course, crucial in all walks of life, but its in the home where it is perhaps the most coveted. If our homes are organised then we spend less time fussing around trying to find what were looking for and more time actually enjoying our homes and each other.

Still, a study has found that two in three Brits are stressed at the amount of clutter in their homes. Is this because they simply dont have enough time to deal with it? Or are they simply not making the time? Here, well explore how deceptively easy it can be to bring a little organisation into your home without opting for the nuclear option of calling in a cleaner.

De-clutter – Before you start organising the things that you want to keep around, its time to get rid of the things that you dont. Go through your assorted thingsand sort them into three categories – things you want to keep, things you want to sell and things you want to throw away.

The former can be kept to one side, the latter can be taken either to the local charity shop or the tip. The things you wish to sell, meanwhile, can be set to one side to be put into storage either for a car boot sale or to be sold online. Either way, youll find that decluttering your home has a major impact on how it looks and feels.

Flexible storage – Storage is half the battle when it comes to organisation. Tidying up your beauty collection and your living room might seem obvious, of course, but you also might not be using your wardrobes to their full potential. Indeed, many simply use their wardrobes to hang clothes and leave an obscene amount of free space that could be filled with clutter and kept out of the way.

Fitted wardrobes, such as those sold by Hammonds, are designed to make the most of your space and include a variety of shelves and cupboards, with sections specifically for specific items (shoes, bags, etc). Ikea also sells several cheap and flexible storage solutions than can be comfortably hidden away out of sight and out of mind.

Meal plans – One of the areas of the home that is often the messiest is the kitchen and there are a few easy ways to mitigate that mess, such as making sure you clean up after every meal and that all of the cupboards in your kitchen are being utilised and are properly organised by use (pots and pans in one cupboard, plates in another, etc).

Perhaps the most significant thing you can do, however, is to change the way you store your meals. Prepare a meal plan at the start of every week and put the ingredients away in individual boxes. This way, youll cut down on packaging and will have your meals ready for you to prepare and cook in seconds.

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