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Norweigen producer Maud releases her debut EP ‘Maud’


Norweigen producer Maud releases her debut EP ‘Maud’

Norweigen producer Maud releases her debut EP Maud via Maud Records. Made over the past two years, Maud (real name Kristine Hoff) has been preparing for this release for what seems forever..

“In many ways this album stands out as a proof that I can be in charge of all the creative processes of making my music. Gaining the creative control over my own project has been so awarding and I can’t wait for this journey to continue. 

By working effortlessly to produce, write and sing on the whole LP, this product is entirely hers. Free from the shackles and restrictions some labels can put on artists, Maud has released an album that is unapologetically her. Not wanting her gender to define her music, she states, “I think women in music are capable of the same things as men”, and her album is truly as result of hard work that shouldn’t be categorised by her gender. However, Maud does admit she hopes to inspire younger girls interested in music production to do the same as me, and to follow their own path early on in life.

The debut album acts as a personal recount, almost an insight to her diary with explorations of self-love, mental health, independence, restlessness, growing up, loneliness, and the future.

“I think I’ve always been scared of the unknown, and I tend to worry a lot about the future. ‘Future’ explores these emotions while also embracing the fact that it’s impossible to look into the future because life is so unpredictable. Writing this song was a way of coming to terms with my future anxiety, knowing it would only be possible to evolve if I could just lean back and enjoy the ride”

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