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Nicki Minaj completely Slays for Elle Magazine


Nicki Minaj completely Slays for Elle Magazine


Nicki Minaj made the internet speechless just two days ago when she revealed the latest image which will be featured as Elle Magazine USA front cover.


The photo was not planned what so ever as Nicki’s amazing hair stylist Kimberly was simply adding touches to the hair in between shots, the photographer saw the perfect image whilst Kim was sorting out Nicki’s hair and simply told her to stay in the shot, the next thing you know – a masterpiece was born.


“My hair stylist @Kimblehaircare was told by Karl HIMSELF to stay in the shot. We contained ourselves in front of him then walked to the back & started screaming & spazzing out”

If that isn’t magic, then we have no idea what is. What are your thoughts on this amazing shoot?

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